Friday Fun: Flip To Blogger Social 2008


Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. A waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain silly.

CK said I had to go. But it would be taking time and $ from the budget. Marianne said I had to go. But I might have a project due. Drew said I had to go. CB and Ann and Lori said so too. But what about if .. if.. if..

When I heard that Susan Bird Tim Brunelle Katie Chatfield Matt Dickman Luc Debaisieux Gianandrea Facchini Mark Goren Gavin Heaton Sean Howard CK Valeria Maltoni Drew McLellan Doug Meacham Marilyn Pratt Steve Roesler Greg Verdino CB Whittemore Steve Woodruff Paul McEnany Ann Handley David Reich Tangerine Toad Kristin Gorski Mack Collier David Armano Ryan Barrett Lori Magno Tim McHale Gene DeWitt Mario Vellandi Arun Rajagopal Joseph Jaffe Rohit Bhargava Anna Farmery Marianne Richmond Thomas Clifford Lewis Green Geoff Livingston Kris Hoet Connie Reece CeCe Lee Toby Bloomberg Seni Thomas Darryl Ohrt Joe Kutchera Paul Dunay Marshall Sponder Chris Kieff Tara Anderson Jason Falls Paul Soldera Roberta Rosenberg Saul Colt Todd Andrlik Nathan Snell Ryan Karpeles Mike Sansone Jennifer Laycock Neil Vineberg Cam Beck Mike Arauz Matthew Bailey Heather Gorringe John Rosen Cathleen Rittereiser Tamar Weinberg Rita Perea Linda Sherman Matthew McDonald Kaitlyn Wilkins Terry Starbucker Jennifer Berk Jane Quigley John Wall Scott Monty Kevin Horne Virginia Miracle Amanda Gravel Susan Reynolds David Polinchock Shashi Bellamkonda David Berkowitz and Vahe Habeshian were going to be there I "let" CK talk me into going to New York City last month to attend Blogger Social 2008 meet "old friends."

It was the most amazing, magical weekend with conversations starting in the middle of paragraphs, as you would expect would happen with "old friends." Take a look at the fun ..

Valeria Maltoni in a NYC Taxi (volume is low .. sorry)

Until Blogger Social 2009 CK blows kisses ..

Thank you CK and Drew for a weekend of memories that will last until we meet again.


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I don't blame you for having doubts. After all, no one had ever planned an event quite like Blogger Social before!

I'm just very glad that you listened to all those voices whispering to you. It simply would not have been the same without you.


Posted by: Drew McLellan on Apr 26, 2008 1:19:19 AM

Drew and I really are the perfect team...look at his comment there and being so understanding.

On the other hand there's me who would have come to Georgia, packed your pink boa-self up and gotten you here.

I would NOT have taken no for an answer (just ask Arun or Cam). You do too much for this community and your heart needed to be at the event that celebrates its heart and soul.

Kisses to you, Diva. I cannot imagined your not being there. And memories only increase in value over a lifetime...and we have more than enough to last us.

But we'll just need to make more memories next year, eh?

Posted by: CK on Apr 26, 2008 4:19:42 AM

No doubt - the event would have been poorer without you. Glad you came up for a great weekend! It was wonderful seeing you again.

Posted by: Steve Woodruff on Apr 26, 2008 6:41:28 AM

Thanks for sharing your boa with me, Toby. Next time I'll bring my own. It's impossible to think how anything could top this event ... unless CK and Drew plan BloggerSocial09.

Posted by: Connie Reece on Apr 26, 2008 11:05:29 AM

@CK, Drew and Steve - Thanks for your sweet words. Social, or as as CK put it - celebrating the "heart and soul" of an amazing "communkty" was beyond special. I'm glad I listened to the blog whispers Drew. Steve regrets that I couldn't make your BBQ. So like you to open your home for one more get together. Starting a Blogger Social 2009 piggy bank!

Posted by: Toby on Apr 26, 2008 11:08:25 AM

We've all tried, but there are no words to really do the weekend justice. Glad you were there, Toby.

Posted by: David Reich on Apr 26, 2008 1:28:17 PM

Thanks, Toby. It was so great seeing you there.

Posted by: David Berkowitz on Apr 26, 2008 7:47:10 PM

Toby, how cool! And you added music to the videos!!! Very cool. I'm so glad you listened to reason and not to your doubts, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to have so much fun! Thank you, Diva!

Posted by: C.B. Whittemore on Apr 28, 2008 10:00:21 AM

Toby, it is always fun meeting the person behind the words. Your pink boa definitely completes you as the diva!

Posted by: Csalomonlee on Apr 28, 2008 3:27:27 PM

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