Blogger Socialite: Steve Woodruff .. This One's For You!


Social Media Marketing continues to gain in acceptance and respect as a credible strategy. Benefits run from increased awareness, to strategic listening, to direct customer feedback, to search engine lift and the list goes on. Yes, Girlfriend, I admit it .. I have taken a few sips of the social media kool aid (smile).

Do you want to know the secret sauce of Social Media Marketing? It goes back to the early days when Jeneane Sessum, Chris Locke, TDavid, Robert Scoble and a handful of other people were chatting back and forth on these odd little websites called web logs. These pioneers were making friends which often led to business relationships.

Girlfriend, here's the secret sauce: business is still about the relationship even if you are a mega brand with millions of global customers.

CK (Kerley) and Drew McLellan had a thought that perhaps bloggers might want, as RichardatDell said to me, "Love making online offline." In early April almost 90 bloggers from Italy to India to Boston and Belgium will meet in the city that never sleeps .. Manhattan ..  NY, NY .. the home of Carrie - Sex in the City .. Broadway Babies  .. for the first Blogger Social.

To help people get acquainted, Steve Woodruff is kindly writing a snapshot review of every single blogger .. me included .. thanks Steve! I thought hmm .. who is doing this for Steve so Steve Woodruff .. this one is for you!

Steve_woodruff Steve Woodruff

" Steve is an unusual hybrid of conceptualizer, strategist, analyst, wordsmith, semi-techie, and ... all-around nice guy." Except when there’s bad coffee or lousy wine." That's what Steve's online bio says. I don't know about the wine and coffee bit but I can attest that Steve is one of the nicest and kindest divos I've had the privilege of meeting - online or off.

Steve is the founder and president of Impactivti, a firm that focuses on pharmaceutical sales training. The company includes a consulting arm to small and midsize business - Sticky Figures - that provides creative branding, identity, and market strategy services.

In the world of business blogging Steve has several "homes." His main dig is at Sticky Figures but you can also find him hanging out at Small Business Branding and the BrandingWire. He is also the author or Page Flakes a portal of marketing, PR and advertising blogs. Well worth a click or three! 

Sticky Figures explores marketing including an posts about pharmaceutical industry. Steve's writing is engaging and always smart. Not to be missed is his review series of Pharma websites. Steve's creativity and playful outlook is best seen in the innovative promotion for the Age of Conversation (He is a contributing author) where he sent Curious George on a round the world tour to promote the book.

Steve .. toss of a Pink_boapink boa to you.I'm looking forward to sharing a Great Cabernet in NYC!


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You're a sweetie. Thanks!

Posted by: Steve Woodruff on Mar 2, 2008 5:25:25 PM


You know what word comes to mind when I think about Blogger Social and the people like Steve who take it upon themselves to make it even better?

Selfless. People are going out of their way to give of their time and talents...on their own initiative. They freely give these gifts so that the event is better for everyone.

That's what makes all of this so worth it and so wonderful.

You're right -- Steve rocks. And on April 4th, you're going to see a roomful of people like him. How lucky are we?


Posted by: Drew McLellan on Mar 2, 2008 9:35:59 PM

@Steve - my pleasure
@Drew - the blogger social is the heart of social media come to life. thank you!

Posted by: Toby on Mar 2, 2008 9:54:34 PM

When you consider how we initially "met," it's interesting, isn't it? The business connection (cough) we shared in common BEFORE we really started talking to each other as bloggers went by the wayside (cheer), but OUR relationship and friendship has grown stronger with each post. That's the way of the blogs, isn't it?



Posted by: jeneane on Mar 3, 2008 12:07:01 PM

Toby, you are absolutely spot on - as usual! Beautifully done re: Steve. Blogger Social, here we come! Is everyone ready? Thank you, Toby.

Posted by: C.B. Whittemore on Mar 5, 2008 9:21:20 AM

@jeneane - yes, and of course the funny thing is although we live 30-minutes away we would never have 'met' had it not been for these funny websites called blogs.

@C.B. - so ready to see you and Steve and Drew and CK and Connie and Lori and ... well go visit Steve's blog to see all!

Posted by: Toby on Mar 6, 2008 1:00:55 AM

Thank YOU for doing this for Steve...his profiles have been nothing short of AMAZING! I cannot believe that, according to him, he decided "on a whim" to start...and they keep getting better ;-)

Cannot wait to see you in 21 days!

Posted by: CK on Mar 14, 2008 3:41:22 AM

@CK - I continue to be amazed at the generosity of bloggers and in particular the peeps (as you might say) attending Blogger Social. Steve's profiles are beyond amazing. Thank you CK (and Drew!) and thank you Steve!

Posted by: Toby on Mar 14, 2008 9:19:17 AM

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