Diva Marketing Talks About Green Marketing With Mary Clare Hunt and Ginny Dyson


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Today's Diva Marketing Talks with Mary Clare Hunt author of In Women We Trust and founder of  Ecolutionary Selling and Ginny Dyson, Sustainability Strategist at DMJM H&N  to discuss how to use social media marketing as a grass roots strategy to education and promote a complex topic .. in this case sustainability standards and green marketing.

Topic for March 20, 2008: Social Media Green Marketing
Time: 6:30p - 7p Eastern/ 5:30p - 6p Central/ 4:30p -5p Mountain/ 3:30p - 4p Pacific
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Mary_hunt_2 Mary Clare Hunt
Mary is a consultant and author of www.InWomenWeTrust.com and also Ecolutionary Selling: Taking the Confusion out of Sustainable Furniture.  She calls herself a very social media consultant matching women’s groups to business opportunities and educating both on a shared vision of Sustainability. She is also the editor for the Sustainable Products Blog the blog for the Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability. MTS is the non-profit behind the SMaRT Sustainable Standard.

Mary’s background includes a rare blend of consumer goods and intangible services anchored with manufacturing processes. She’s created print, TV and Radio campaigns for a mega Mall, and also managed over 200 industrial accounts while with (now) www.ThomasNet.com. Mary is a “connector” who believes that every woman should have a blog and every business should read it. She debates social issues with her manufacturing engineer husband in Orange County, CA and lives online.

Ginny_dyson_2 Ginny Dyson, IIDA, LEED AP
Ginny Dyson is an interior designer with 20 years of experience in the Washington, DC market. In addition to projects for financial institutions, government and corporate faculties, she has been an active and contributing member of the sustainable design community.

In December 2005, Ginny completed three years of elected service on the board of the National Capital Region Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council. She is also the founding chair of the IDA Mid-Atlantic Chanter's Sustainable Design Forum, a group that she started in 1999 to develop programs solely on sustainable topics. Ginny is an officer of the SMaRT Sustainable Product Standard Committee, an initiative of Market Transformation to Sustainability (MTS). In addition to planning and outreach for these organizations, she has spoken to a number of audiences, promoting green building criteria and the LEED Rating System.

Ginny joined DMJM H&N in August 2003 to be part of the Pentagon Renovation Program Office and since September 2004 has been working in the Arlington, VA office in their newly established interiors group. DMJM ROTTET. She is currenty a full-time Sustainability Strategist, guiding all of the projects in the Arlington, VA office that are seeking LEED certification as well as a few projects for the other offices of DMJM ROTTET. She received a Bachelor of Interior Design from Louisiana State University's College of Design, School of Architecture and is a native of Northern Virginia. Ginny is a contributing author of the MTS Sustainable Products Blog.

Tips From The Diva Bag

Complements of Mary Clare Hunt and Ginny Dyson

Three Top Themes

1. Transparency – Can you see the proof? Blogland and Greenland come together.
2. Authentic – Can you prove it? Blogland and Greenland come together again.
3. Getting your message across. – Is your green story repeatable?

Develop A Credible Green Marketing Strategy

  • Get your product certified as Sustainable. You can’t claim you’re “Sustainable” until you do.
  • Use LCA, Life Cycle Assessment, Third Party Audits and of course Standards in your blog posts and links.
  • Partner with other bloggers and businesses who are Climate Change evangelists first and business people second.
  • Create ONE Summary Sheet of all green facts pertaining to your company and product. This isn’t a branding document, it’s raw data and the proof behind everything you say on blogs.
  • Take the word to the women who do 80% of the buying and word of mouth influencing.

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Thanks for the chat, Toby, and for bringing greenwash free marketing to your reader's attention.

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