Brand Marketers Need Your Help


Annie Peng Cui, a Ph.D. student at Kent State, is working on the final stages of her dissertation on brand/marketing managers' contribution to brand success. Specifically she is interested in identifying what specific types of knowledge, skills and relationships contribute to the success of brand managers and their brands. 

Annie is on the Ellington_surveys__3last phase of data collection and needs your help. She's developed an online questionnaire based on in-depth interviews with brand managers and responses collected in a pilot study. If you are currently working (or have previously worked) on brand management, she would greatly appreciate if you took a few moments from your day to complete the short (about 5 minutes) survey.  

To show her appreciation, Annie will share the research findings with you; expected date is the end of April. The study is completely anonymous and only aggregated results will be reported. If you want more information contact Annie Peng Cui at [email protected].

Thanks for your help!


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