Inspiration: Best Kept Marketing Secrets


Anita Campbell, Small Business Trends, asked a few friends to share their Best Kept Marketing Secrets Whisper . Lots of wonderful, inspirational ideas. Don't miss the comments.

Anita gave not one - not two - not three - but Four tips!

  • This is a tip for those of you who run blogs and online publications: Treat PR people with respect.
  • (1) PR people bring news your community will value and save you the time of finding it on your own. I’m not suggesting you regurgitate press releases word for word. Instead, use the release only as a starting point. Gather additional facts. Then write it YOUR way.
  • (2) PR reps will bring you scoops and exclusives. PR reps who come to trust you will send you news early, under “embargo.” They’ll also make company executives available for interviews.
  • (3) PR reps will circulate your article about their client on email distribution lists and on company intranets. Sometimes you’ll get linked back from the Press section of the client’s site. This can drive considerable traffic. (Never pander to get links. Write objectively and only about subjects of value to your audience — you’ll still get links AND preserve your self-respect.)=
  • (4) Don’t lose your temper in public on your blog at some inexperienced PR rep who sent an awkward email pitch. Just hit ‘delete.’ There’s no upside to making public enemies of PR firms.

And this was mine -

Forget what your mama or your preacher taught you. The Golden Rule does NOT work for developing marketing strategy. Your customers do not want to be treated “as you would like to be treated.” In understanding your customers you might discover that their values, needs and expectations differ from yours. New Golden Rule For Marketers: Do Unto Your Customers As THEY Would Like To Be Treated.


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Thanks for posting this Toby. :)

As a blogger, I'd argue that respect is a two way street. Also that most PR folks really need to understand the social media and blog worlds before just sending out their Press Releases in mass. That's likely the most annoying thing to deal with.

As both a PR person and an online marketer, this is what frustrates me the most. These PR folks think its just another outlet for their spin, and it just doesn't work here.

Posted by: Li Evans on Feb 12, 2008 9:30:29 PM

This is a good topic to raise, especially now that PR people are in fact noticing blogs and starting their own. It may be old-fashioned, but I still think the long-established neighbors have the onus to welcome to the new kids on the block.

I did a Beach Walks episode (click on my name) that looks into the background for this ostensibly rude behavior. Basically, smarter more experienced people can have a had time understanding how so many people can not get it. That just fuels the snarky behavior. and I've been guilty myself.

Posted by: Roxanne Darling on Feb 13, 2008 3:31:19 AM

Your tips are invaluable. I find that my best blog entries are based on inspiring moments that strike at random times - having a notepad is always helpful. If find that when I write inspirational posts and run Muvar on the blogs that I have monetized I see a sharp increase in sales which is great!

Posted by: sarah on Feb 13, 2008 10:48:28 PM

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