Diva Marketing Talks About Using Social Media To Buzz Your Book with Nettie Hartsock and Sybil Stershic


Diva Marketing Talks is a live, internet radio show.  30-minutes. 2-guests. 1-topic about social media marketing. Why? To help you understand how to participate in the "new" conversation without getting blown-up. Miss today's show? You can pick it up as a podcast.

Today's Diva Marketing Talks is about an old world communication that meets new world buzz. Seems you can't turn a corner in the blogosphere without a blogger writing a book. I think of it as a side-step  going from virtual to paper .. one more way to "time transfer communicate." Bet you thought time transfer was only about podcasts (smile).

Nettie Hartsock, publicist to authors (and more) and Sybil Stershic new author, dish about using social media to get the buzz going. Even if you are not a book author I'm betting a chocolate martini that there will be some hot tips that can apply to beyond books!

Topic for February 5, 2008:
Inside Out: Creating and Promoting Books With Social Media/Web 2.0

Time: 6:30p - 7p Eastern/ 5:30p - 6p Central/ 4:30p -5p Mountain/ 3:30p - 4p Pacific
Call-in Guest Number: 718.508.9924


Nettie_hartsock Nettie Hartsock

Nettie Hartsock is a veteran e-business journalist and PR marathoner! Nettie helps individuals, authors, and companies focus on creating, conveying and connecting their message to the world and creates actionable how-to-programs which establish a powerful base for attracting both blogger and journalists attention. Catch Nettie at her blog Hardsock Communications.

Sybil_stershic Sybil Stershic

Sybil F. Stershic is a marketing & organizational advisor with more than 30 years of experience helping service providers strengthen relationships with customers and employees. She is the author of the recently released book on internal marketing, Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most: A Guide to Employee-Customer Care, published by WME books.

A graduate of Lehigh University, Sybil began her career in bank marketing. (The banks she worked for were merged into oblivion.)  She launched her own business, Quality Service Marketing, in 1988 specializing in internal marketing and marketing/strategic planning facilitation. Sybil also conducts marketing workshops nationwide for business and nonprofit professionals and is a frequent speaker at national conferences.

Active in leadership and professional development, Sybil is a former Chairman of the American Marketing Association. Catch Sybil at her blog Quality Service Marketing

Tips From The Diva Bag

Complements of Nettie Hartsock

  • Don't blog spam or blogblast to bloggers. Reach out on a personal one-to-one basis. Don't demand coverage.
  • Be authentic, honest, timely and make certain that the blog you're reaching out to is one you're familiar with and have had the respect to read.
  • Ask not what a blogger can do for you, ask how you, your book or your product can benefit the blogger and its readership and then approach them in a humble and respectful manner.

Complements of Sybil Stershic

In Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most, I advocate the “3 Rs” – Respect, Recognition, and Reinforcement – as the foundation of internal marketing strategy. This is the same 3 Rs but in a different context.

  • Apply the “3 Rs” when dealing with prospective reviewers (both online and off-line).
  • Be Respectful of their time & workload (and understand they may not have the time to review your book based on your timetable).
  • Recognize their efforts by acknowledging their time to review and comment on your book (e.g., send a thank you note).
  • Reinforce their helping you with appropriate reciprocity (such as linking to their blog or website on your blog).
  • Target carefully & respectfully when contacting other bloggers as prospective reviewers, especially as many bloggers are already inundated with book review requests. If the book is of interest to me, and the request is sincere, then I’ll consider it. The one request that really ticked me off is the e-mail that raved about my blog and asked me to review a new book on internet marketing … despite the fact that my specialty is internal marketing!
  • Start with your existing relationships. I had great response to an e-mail I sent to my network of colleagues, clients, friends & family announcing my book’s release. It wasn’t a “buy my book” announcement, but a sharing of the good news with the folks who supported and encouraged me throughout the process. The e-mail included a special discount that they could pass on to the people in their respective networks who they thought might benefit from my book.

Can't call in but have a question for Nettie and Sybil ? Drop a comment and I'll ask it for you. Let me know what you'd like Diva Talks to chat about. Don't forget Diva Marketing Talks morphs into a podcast.

Update: Sites/people mentioned on the show - Gather, Beliefnet, WMEbooks, Connie Reece, Beth Kephart, Steve O'Keefe

A La Oprah .. make sure you listen to the "After Show". . three divas dishin' after the show!


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Toby, I'm looking forward to chatting with you & Nettie tonight!

Posted by: Sybil on Feb 5, 2008 8:38:26 AM

What a treat, to wake up this morning, 4 o'clockish, and listen in on this lively and instructive conversation among the three of you. Thank you, too, for the generosity of your closing words.

I've discovered tremendous goodness out here in the land of the blog. You're a big part of that story.

Beth Kephart

Posted by: Beth Kephart on Feb 6, 2008 4:59:44 AM

I'm new to blogging and have had thoughts of adding wordpress to my website, so this topic is timely and relevant.

I'm glad a podcast was made of the event; I'm sure there is much to learn from the discussion that was held. Thanks.

Posted by: Bob Walton on Feb 6, 2008 1:50:04 PM

This is a good topic. I've suggested the blogosphere (as a promotion platform) to a number of authors.

Posted by: Martha Retallick on Feb 6, 2008 2:45:14 PM

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