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,Atlanta marketers you are in for a treat this Wednesday , February 27th! It's been my pleasure to chair this month's Aima_logo AiMA - Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association - event .. Social Media Marketing Gets Some Respect!

Case studies from three major brands: Dell, The Home Depot, Goodwill of Greater Washington that utilized social media/Web 2.0 initiatives to impact brand perception.This is the first time any of the cases have been presented in Atlanta by the marketers who made it happen!

Learn how using social media took Dell from customer Hell to customer Heaven.

The Home Depot shares the strategy of their first entrée into consumer generated media and what they learned from listening to the unfiltered feedback of their customers.

Through an innovative, integrated, strategy that incorporates multiple Web 2.0 tactics Goodwill of Greater Washington is repositioning from a thrift store to a vintage shop.

Geoff Livingston
Author, Now Is Gone

Nick Ayres
Interactive Marketing Manager
The Home Depot

Richard Binhammer
Digital Media/Blog Outreach and Relationships

Brendan Hurley
Senior VP, Marketing & Communications
Goodwill of Greater Washington

Shera Shrago
Interactive/Email Marketing Manager
The Home Depot

If you work in B2B, B2C or Not For Profit this is one event you can not afford to miss. Keep in mind the conversation is happening with you .. or without you. Here is your opportunity to learn how three organizations stepped into the space.


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