OoVoo, Bloggers And The Frozen Pea Fund


One day I'm going to write a book. It will be about playing nicely in the social media world. It will be about how companies people within companies are reaching out in casual conversations that become meaningful. It will be how business sometimes blurs the lines of personal relationships and ROI. It will be about how playing nicely can create win-win-win situations.

There is a company with a funny name, ooVoo, that has found a way to do just that. They have asked bloggers to volunteer their time to demonstrate their new service. In lieu of compensation ooVoo is  the making a donation to the Frozen_pea_fund Frozen Pea Fund which supports the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign.

What makes this an extra special gesture is the Frozen Pea Fund was established for diva blogger Susan Reynolds who is fighting breast cancer. Please read her story on Boobs On Ice. The win is the bloggers get some visibility. The win is the Frozen Pea Fund is increased. The win is ooVoo gets lots of positive word of mouth buzz and great Search benefits. I think Katya, Nedra and Beth would approve.

ooVoo is a pretty neat concept. It's video chat that can accomodate up to 6 people at the same time who participate in the conversation. I don't know about you girlfriend, but I'm thinking video chat is a great excuse for a shopping trip for a cute new outfit with a visit to your hair stylist thrown in .. of course. Perhaps our friends at Lancome might want to partner with ooVoo (wink).

Oovoo My ooVoo Day  Schedule of Speakers and Times. Runs from Feb. 10 - 21, 2008.
: Thanks Scott Monty for the list. I think Diva Marketing is the only blog where you'll find the schedule of speakers with times.

Allan Cox, Your Inner CEO
Time: PST
Feb. 11 9-9:30 am
Feb. 12 9-9:30 am
Feb. 13 9-9:30 am
Feb. 14 9-9:30 am

Bob Garfield, AdAge       
Time: EST
Feb. 11 11-1 pm

C.C. Chapman   
Managing the Gray   
Time: EST
Feb. 11, 12-2 p.m.   

Chris Brogan, How Social Media Builds Relationships   
Time: EST
Feb. 14, 1-2:15 pm

Chris Thilk, Movie Marketing Madness
Time: CST   
Feb. 11 11-11:30 am
Feb. 13 11-11:30 am
Feb. 19 11-11:30 am
Feb. 21 11-11:30 am

Connie Reece & Susan Reynolds, Every Dot Connects / Boobs on Ice   
From Connections to Community: How Online Relationships Enrich Our Lives   
Time: EST
Feb. 10 - 2-3:00 pm
Feb. 10 - 5-6:00 pm"   

Dave Delaney    Two Boobs and a Baby +   
New Media Marketing
Time: CST   
Feb. 13, 9 - 10:30 pm   

David Meerman Scott   
The New Rules of Marketing & PR   
Time: EST
Feb. 11, 2:00 - 4 pm

Erin Kotecki Vest   
Queen of Spain
Time: PST       
Feb. 15, 9:30-11:30 am

Geoff Livingston   
Now Is Gone    Now Is Gone   
Time: EST
Feb. 16 1-5:00 pm

George Parker    AdScam   
The State of the Ad Industry: George Sounds Off
Time: MST
Feb. 10, 8-9:00 am
Feb. 12, 8-9:00 am
Feb. 14, 9-10 am

iJustine, Tasty Blog Snack   
The Internet
Time: PST
Feb. 10, 5-6:00 pm
Feb. 17, 5-6:00 pm

Irina Slutsky, GeekEntertainment.tv   
Time: PST   
Feb. 20, 11-1 pm

Jack Myers & Friends    Media Village       
Time: EST
Feb. 13, 2:30-4:30 pm   

John Wall, Marketing Over Coffee   
Using the web and common sense to grow your business - And answering all questions Marketing
Time: EST
Feb. 10 7-7:20, 9-9:20
Feb. 11 12-12:20, 7-7:20
Feb. 18 12-12:20, 7-7:20, 10-10:20

Joseph Jaffe, JaffeJuice
Life After the 30-Second Spot or Join the Conversation   
Time: EST
Feb. 10 8:00 - 9 pm
Feb. 11 12:00 - 1 pm
Feb. 11 8:00 -9 pm
Feb. 13 12:00 - 1 pm   

Karen Putz, A Deaf Mom Shares Her World       
Time: CST
Feb. 21, 12-2 pm   

Laura "Pistachio" Fitton, Presentations clinic
Time: EST
Feb. 12 4-4:30 pm
Feb. 14 4-4:30 pm
Feb. 19 4-4:30 pm
Feb. 21 4-4:30 pm   

Marshall Kirkpatrick, ReadWriteWeb   
Let's test out ooVoo & meet each other   
Time: PST
Feb. 10, 12:01 am - 1 am (to be clear it's midnight Sat/Sun)

Mitch Joel,
Six Pixels of Separation   
Social Media, Web 2.0 and this crazy new world of Marketing and Communications   
Time: EST
Feb. 12, 8-9:00 pm
Feb. 13, 8-9:00 pm

Scott Sigler, Podcasting Fiction   
Time: PST
Feb. 18, 6-8 pm

Steve Hall, AdRants
Time: EST
Feb. 12 2:30-3 pm
Feb. 13 2:30-3 pm
Feb. 14 2:30-3 pm

Susan Reynolds, Boobs on Ice
Birthday_2 Wish Susan Reynolds a Happy 60th Birthday   
Time: EST
Feb. 10 - 8-9:00 pm

   Happiest of birthdays Susan!


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Toby, this is why you are THE diva of marketing; I'm a mere wannabe. Thanks for publishing this entire list w/ times. My hat is off to Scott and the crayon team for putting this event together for ooVoo. As soon as I get my voice back, let's get some divas together for an ooVoo chat -- fun!

Posted by: Connie Reece on Feb 8, 2008 11:24:30 AM


I approve. I am demonstrating how to comment on a blog based on a ego feed. This post came up for me. Thanks

Posted by: Beth Kanter on Feb 8, 2008 3:08:03 PM

@Connie - thanks for your kind words. An ooVoo diva chat sounds like fun. we'll all have to wear boas and of course you'll be the diva in red!

For those who don't know Connie, she was the driving force behind turning Frozen Green Peas into a marketing strategy. When last we talk there were over $8k in donations.

@Beth - what fun! glad diva marketing could help reinforce how popular you are in the blogosphere.

Posted by: Toby on Feb 8, 2008 3:53:40 PM

Yep, it's a huge win-win-win for everyone. I just wish I could play. The Mac verson doesn't seem to be available yet.

Posted by: Nedra Weinreich on Feb 10, 2008 2:12:42 AM

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