What Does Social Media Mean To You? With Kevin Nalts, Peter Kim & David Berkowitz


What Does Social Media Mean To You? is a continuing video series. Perhaps you'll be on the little Flip video next time we meet!

Question: What do a video guy, a researcher and a guy who works in the SEO biz have in common when in comes to their thoughts about social media? Connecting. Connecting. Connecting. It was the over riding concept in the following videos. Enjoy!

Kevin Nalt - Will Video For Food /YouTube Director & Producer Hire Nalts

Sound Bite - Social Media Is ..
A break down in geography and the ability to connect in a rich media with  people of similar interests, values, beliefs and humor

Peter Kim Being Peter / Senior Analyst Forrester Research


Sound Bite - Social Media Is ..
A great way to build relationships and cement them in the face-to-face world.

David Berkowitz Marketers Studio /Director of Emerging Media 360i

Sound Bite - Social Media Is ..
Changing how people expect to interact with any type of content.

More What Does Social Media Me To You Interviews

Debby Ruth, VP Communications Cox Enterprises


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Good definitions! Social Networking is all around since FaceBook. I believe it will be one of the latest main marketing topics with the Asian Marketing & the Environmental Marketing

Middle Empire

Posted by: http://www.middle-empire.com on Dec 13, 2007 11:36:22 PM

Awesome Toby....love the use of video and "Sound Bite" call out! Now I have video envy, too.

Posted by: Marianne Richmond on Dec 14, 2007 2:28:14 AM

Great post. I think the most important thing shown by this series is that social media can mean very different things depending on who's talking. So many people use the term "social media" as an umbrella for various new forms of marketing that even I get confused some time. Keep it up...I'd love to see more responses.

Posted by: Matthew Peters on Dec 14, 2007 9:54:25 PM

I think it fair to day that social media and social networks are not related just to the Internet. They have always been around and it is just that the web gives us easy and quick ways of interacting.

Posted by: Small Business Marketing on Dec 20, 2007 3:32:16 AM

@Middle Empire (wish I knew your name :-) ) - Will be fascinating to watch how social media evolves in the Far East.

@Marianne - the Flip makes it so easy. And your blog is awesome!

@Matthew - Totally I agree. We need more words in this industry. "Blog" has become a verb as well as a noun that has at least 595 thousand meanings. Stay tune for more Sound Bite Interviews. ;-)

@Small Business Marketing (wish I knew your name too ;-) ) - Good point .. well taken! The technology simply gives a faster way to connect. Is it better? Only you can answer that question for yourself.

Posted by: Toby on Dec 20, 2007 10:22:06 AM

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