What Does Social Media Mean To You? With Debby Ruth, Cox Enterprises


The Back-story --  It's a dilemma. How does an organization keep employees up-to-date on changes occurring not day-by-day or minute-by-minute but nano second-by- nano second?  Sending thousands of people to conferences takes more than a few $dollars. Dedicating people to read Tweets might be an idea; but then there is the challenge of distributing the information. Some companies are exploring internal conferences where they bring experts in-house.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to be part of Marketing On The Edge, an innovative internal 2-day event, sponsored by Cox Enterprises.  (Thanks to Lee Blankenship) Heather Bryson deserves a toss of a Pink_boa pink boa for developing and coordinating the first of what will be a series of internal programs. She brought in some of the rock  stars of Interactive marketing from research to search to email marketing to social media marketing.

I just happened to have my new nifty video toy, Flip that I discovered at Blog World from Debbie Weil) with me and thought it would be fun to talk ask a few Cox employee and speakers  "What does social media mean to you?" I think you'll enjoy their insights. Rather than post a 30-minute clip this will be the first post in an on-gong series called .. ta da .. What Does Social Media Mean To You?

First off please meet Debby Ruth, Vice President Corporate Marketing, Cox Enterprises. Debby's clip is interesting. I asked Debby the question twice - once before the program kicked into gear and then after she had heard a few speakers.

Sound bites:

  • Does not matter what the medium is .. it's people to people.
  • Tears down the facade of what a company is, what a brand is, what a media company is. It really gets down to the individual.
  • Anything Heart To Heart Is More Powerful.

Coming soon .. Peter Kim, Senior Analyst Forrester;  Kevin Nalty, YouTube Director & Producer; Tom Daly, Group Manager of Strategy & Planning, Global Interactive Marketing, Coca-Cola; Del Ross, Vice President of Global E-Commerce Services, Intercontinental Hotels; Michael Donnelly, Director Worldwide Interactive Marketing, Coca-Cola; Dave Williams, Chief Strategist & Co-Founder, 360i; David Berkowitz, Director of Emerging Media, 360i; Chris Thornton, Chief Marketing Officer, Definition 6 and more!


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