Diva Marketing Talks About Vlogs With Roxanne Darling and Rick Short


4th_of_july_2 Diva Marketing Talks and Diva Marketing (blog) is dedicated to the people who were touched by 9-11. That means all of us but especially to those who were so brave and giving.

Today's  Diva Marketing Talks about vlogs from the point of view of the producer and the marketer. Roxanne Darling, Walks on the Beach with Rox and Barefoot Studios, and Rick Short, Rick Short's B2B Marcom Blog and Indium Corporation, discuss how video goes beyond a text blog or an audio podcast to create an emotional bond with your community.

Diva Marketing Talks is a live, internet radio show.  30-minutes. 2-guests. 1-topic related to social media marketing. Why? To help organizations understand social media marketing and how to join the conversation without getting blown-up.  Miss tonight's show? You can pick it up as a podcast.

Topic for September 11, 2007: The Emotional Power of Vlogs

Guests:  Roxanne Darling Walks of the Beach with Rox and Barefoot Studios, and Rick Short, Rick Short's B2B Marcom Blog and Indium Corporation 

Time: 6:30p - 7p Eastern/ 5:30p - 6p Central/ 4:30p -5p Mountain/ 3:30p - 4p Pacific
Call-in Guest Number: 718.508.9924

Diva Marketing Talks explores how video blogs or vlogs can complement a social media marketing strategy. We'll talk to Rick about his experience launching his industry's first video ad. Rox will give us a few technical and strategic tips. And much, much more.

  Roxanne Darling

Roxanne_darling_4 From the beaches of beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii, Roxanne Darling's company "Bare Feet Studios" was born of a barefoot culture and people confuse the two frequently.  Rox wears many hats; in addition to her role as CEO Rox is also a new media video producer, a keynote speaker, coach and web strategist

Roxanne has over 15 years experience as an expert presenter throughout North America, Asia, and Europe, consistently garnering 5 star ratings based on her ability to both inspire and educate her audiences. She's given hundreds of sessions, including keynotes, and is equally effective with small intimate groups as well as audiences of over 1500 people. She began speaking about podcasting in March 2005; her most recent gig is at the BlogHer Business Conference in New York, March 2007.

She is also the voice and co-producer of Beach Walks with Rox, a daily video podcast aka internet tv show that won three Vloggie Awards from both Judge's Favorites and Audience Favorites. Her show is consistently rated in the top podcasts on Network2.tv, Podcast Alley, iTunes and many other podcast reviews. Her philosophy is to cultivate the unique mix of technical quality, authentic messaging, and audience interaction for each project.

She loves new technology, is comfortable working in disruptive marketplaces, and is a passionate translator of complex new concepts into easy-to-understand and implement strategies. Her many years as a coach for Johnson & Johnson and as an international trainer enable her to connect with diverse audiences.

Rick ShortRick_short

In his role of Director of Marketing Communication for Indium Corporation, Rick Short, is responsible for creating Marcom plans and activities that involve in multiple languages, on several continents. Rick and his team execute over 50 trade exhibitions (award-winning exhibit designs),hosts 375,000 blog visits,  hosts 1.4 million website visits, creates and publishes over 125 pieces of collateral and developing, creates and places over 150 print and electronic ads (award-winning) and conceives and promotes video ads, interviews, and demonstrations (award-winning).

He is an acknowledged leader in social media and his media credits include interviews in US NEWS & WORLD REPORT and UK’s The Guardian. Rick has been highlighted in The Corporate Blogging Book, What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting, Real Life Advice From 101 People Who Successfully Leverage The Power of the Blogosphere, and Blog Rules.

He serves as an Advisory Council member for American Business Media.Rick has spoken for the American Marketing Association, Frost & Sullivan, and at the Institute for the Study of Business Markets, as well as at private corporate engagements. His work is monitored by some of the world’s leading advertising and public relations agencies for its activities and results.

Rick earned the Business Marketing Association’s prestigious Pro-Comm Award for his industry’s first online video advertisements.

Tips From The Diva Bag

Complements of Roxanne Darling

  • Sound matters most in video.

It may seem counterintuitive, but people will actually put up with a shaky camera and poor lighting and rough editing because the brain can fill in those details. Bad sound is just nails on a chalkboard and people will not be able to endure it.

  • It takes two (or more).

Video is difficult to set up, shoot, and encode all by yourself and end up with better than amateur presentation. Your chances of success and sustainability increase dramatically when you have at least one person in front and one behind the camera who can share the editing and marketing.

  • Space and time both matter.

Video files are huge compared to text files, so research a hosting solution right up front. Your normal web hosting plan most likely will not accommodate video blogging, at least not for long.  Look into space and bandwidth limits. If you are prolific, you will push the space limit. If you are successful, you will push the bandwidth limit.


Complements of Rick Short

  • BEGIN AT THE END: In other words, initiate any and all projects with a written goal. With out a written goal, any attempt will likely be ill-fated. This is true for the overall program as well as for each video.
  • STAY WITHIN YOURSELF: A) Keep the program pure to your corporate personality and capabilities. Otherwise, you'll likely confuse the audience.  B) Keep the activities simple (for you and your company) and easy to do. Otherwise, you'll likely quit.
  • MAINTAIN RELEVANCE: Anyone can create a stir; that's just a cheap parlor trick. By keeping the message and activity relevant to your product/service/image, the message will have a true and meaningful ring to it. This is true for the effect you have on your customers as well as on your employees.

Can't call in but have a question for Rox or Rick ? Drop a comment and I'll ask it for you. Let me know what you'd like Diva Talks to chat about.


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