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Ama_20_hot_topic On the AMA road again with BBFs Dana Van Heuvel and Bill Flitter. This time we are talking about not only blogs but social media .. from Second Life to widgets to how to ensure that social meets begins to get the respect we believe it's due as a credible marketing strategy.  It was great fun talking social media with so many great people.

Next Stop: Chicago on October 26th. Next Next Stop: Las Vegas on November 9th. More Information.

Dana posted many of the links that we talked about today; it's a great resource for all.

The following are some questions along with responses that came out of the session.

B2B Versus B2C Blog Strategy/Expectations

Q: Is there a difference in expectations between Business-to-business versus Business-to-consumer blogging?
A: B2B may not receive as many comments but the bloggers may receive more direct emails. Especially if the industry is very competitive your community may not want to engage in direct comment conversation. Including an email link is critical .. funny to me how so many business blogs don't add an email link as a way to contact the blogger/s.
A: The credibility of B2B bloggers should be established. Build blogger profiles to include both professional credentials, as well as, a bit of personal background. Of course, since this is part of a blog the tone will be conversational not corporate speak.


Q: What makes a widget a widget?
A: Dynamic content, download-able, interactive (does something), pulls content from a feed

Q: Widgets - do they require any behind the scene manual maintenance?
A: Nope .. or not usually.
A: Widget distribution directories: Facebook, Widgetbox, Snipperoo, Clearspring
A: Widget code is not universal. For example the widgets created for Facebook can not be added to a blog or website.

Q: Are widgets and other social media tools 508 (handicap) compliant?
A: Widgets do not appear to be; however, since blogs are websites they (blogs) could be made 508 compliant.


Q: How much of your content came from your head alone to the outside?
A: As you continue to blog and build community ideas come from other people within your community who link to you and comment; also ideas come from other bloggers who write on similar topics who are also part of your extended community.

Blog Platform

Q: What are some blog platforms?
A: Hosted Solutions
Blog Harbor
Non Hosted Solutions   
Comparison chart - hosted and non hosted solution

The Nay Sayers

Q: What do you tell people who say I can't see the relevancy .. I don't get it.
A: Start with your customers. As with any marketing strategy, it comes down to the supremacy of the customer and what the customer wants. It's not about you.

Updated: Interesting interview with corporate CEOs on negative comments

Q: How do you get people to come to your new blog in addition to search engine?
A: Social media press room - Shift Communications
A; Anyway you promote a website you can promote your blog.  Add to your email signature, your business card, collateral  materials, send emails or direct mail to your contact list.
A: Social media optimization: tagging, account, blog directories, claim your blog in Technorati, join your community in conversation including linking and trackback, widgets.
A: Hold a launch celebration and invite your bloggers, staff, customers and friends to an in-house party.

Q: In healthcare do customers trust peer-to-peer or medical sites/blogs?
A: Post on Diva Marketing links to research done by Economic and Research Council.


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B2B Blogger credibility is definitely something that needs to be established and of the tone of the blog as a whole will be conversational, though a bit of corporate speak will feature for sure.

Posted by: SEO Pune India on Sep 21, 2007 8:27:57 AM

Toby, great summary and references. Thank you! [Also, fascinating topic with lots of potential!]

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I just found you with a search engine yesterday. We have a brand new site & I'm new to promoting stuff online. Your blog is just what I need. THANKS!

Posted by: Meg H. on Sep 21, 2007 4:15:40 PM

Naturally the DIVA has the best answers. Thanks for the suggestion about the SM Press Room. You are so the Diva, as you know best.

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somebody use B2B Versus? please write your impression, thanks

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