With The New Chrysler Comes A New Blog


Open for business this week is the Voice_of_chrysler_3 new Chrysler blog - Voices of Chrysler. The blog is still getting its blog-legs and I must admit in need of a tweak or two. It will be interesting to see where the conversation heads. However, it sure is nice to see another major brand stepping into conversational marketing with its customers.

Sidebar: Chrysler launched a blog for the media a few years ago. Read Ed Garsten's interview with me about that strategy.

In a quick email, editor of Voices of Chrysler, Jackie Headapohl told me Chrysler's goal is to " .. share the many voices associated with Chrysler that give it its unique "mojo" and provide customers a behind-the scenes look at our company." More from Jackie soon. She's agreed to do a Diva Marketing Interview. Any questions you want me to ask .. drop a comment.

Nice to see a diva at the helm of a traditionally male industry blog (yes, I know there are women on the GM  blog). Bet BBF Jody DeVere, Ask Patty, would think so too! By the way if you haven't dropped by Ask Patty recently there are lots of new things happening including car reviews by women and a Second Life space. Worth a visit but take a long your cup of java you may be there for more than 30-seconds.


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» Neuanfang: Chrysler startet Corporate Blog from Das CIO Weblog
Die Trennung vom Daimler-Konzern setzt beim US-Autokonzern Chrysler offensichtlich kreative Energien frei - zumindest, was das Bloggen angeht. Voices of Chrysler heißt das gerade gestartete Corporate Blog, in dem etliche Vorstandsmitglieder... [Read More]

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Kia Motors also just launched a new blog and they are linking to AskPatty.com !

Thanks for the mention! We will cross post this!

Jody DeVere

Posted by: Jody DeVere on Aug 7, 2007 5:37:57 PM

Interesting to see Chrysler do this. I would like to know how they see their blog differentiating itself from Fastlane...

Good scoop, Toby!

Posted by: Geoff Livingston on Aug 8, 2007 8:13:34 AM

Jody - Thanks for the Kia heads up. Interesting that the auto industry seems to be stepping into blogs. Wonder which co. will be next.

Geoff - Great question I'll def include. Thanks. By the way, Geoff has some great interviews. Click on his name and take a look at his blog.

Posted by: Toby on Aug 8, 2007 9:14:32 AM


Monday I wrote two unfavorable posts about the American automobile industry, as part of our collaborative effort at BrandingWire. One of the questions I ask is:

With American automobile manufacturers losing market share at race car speeds, will it survive ?

Posted by: Lewis Green on Aug 8, 2007 9:26:42 AM

Lewis - Thanks for the heads up about this month's Brand Wire question. http://brandingwire.com/

To spin Lewis' question, "With American automobile manufacturers losing market share at race car speeds, will it survice?" How about if I ask Jackie her thoughts of how social media might be used to gain share of market?

Posted by: Toby on Aug 8, 2007 9:46:50 AM

Very interesting to see some major brands launching blogs. This will be an interesting one to watch. I had the privilege to meet Paula Berg of Southwest Airlines recently - she spoke about Nuts About Southwest at an event I coordinated a few months ago. I was very interested in their approach of having employees from throughout the company contribute to the blog. She said one of the best things about that aspect was that it helped build many different audience segments because different people identified with the personalities and jobs of the different authors. I wonder how deep Chrysler will get into this or if it will be mainly VPs.

Posted by: Tiffany Monhollon on Aug 8, 2007 10:24:47 PM

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