Come In When The Street Lights Go On


Do you remember when summer was a time to play with your friends "until the street lights came on?"Children Last week I was invited to play with a new (to me) group of real estate bloggers who live in a lovely gated neighborhood called Active Rain.

Colleen Kulikowski, one of the moderators of Active Rain, was concerned that the community was becoming isolated and challenged the Active Rain members to venture out beyond their world into the  blogopshere. To add to the fun of the adventure she turned it into contest. Players were to introduce their friends at Active Rain to the new blogs they found in their travels.

I was invited to join a great group of bloggers who judged the contest. Jonathan Washburn, Colleen Kulikowski, John Novak, Carole Cohen and janeAnn Narrin.

Let me tell you girlfriend that was one difficult assignment. I'd like to introduce you to the Winners of the ActiveRain Contest / Laurie Manny Challenge. In my view everyone who ventured out of their comfort zone won .. so a Pink_boa Toss of a pink boa to all!

1st Place - Diane Aurit
2nd Place - Chris Legguist
3rd Place - Ann Cummings

Honorable Mentions
Angie Vandenbergh
Lola Audu
Fran White

Divas and divos when was the last time you ventured out of your safe world?  I'm not offering any path to follow. This is your adventure. Play the link game and see where you land. Remember to come home when the street lights go on.


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Thank you so much for visiting our lovely gated neighborhood, lol, and for participating as a judge extraordinaire. As large as we are, we do get a bit secluded and the posts become a bit inbred. New blood is always a hit.

Please don't be a stranger, come and visit us often.

Thank you very much,

Posted by: Laurie Manny on Aug 23, 2007 4:27:30 AM

Now that is one very cool idea! I'm interested in hearing what your own take-aways were from the experience. Would you share?

Posted by: Tammy on Aug 23, 2007 6:29:24 AM


What a perfect description of our network at ActiveRain!

Thanks for the mention!!!!! The contest was an evolution of conversations I had with fellow Moderator Laurie Manny, who has been encouraging members to explore outside of our gated community... It was not only the participants that gained from this adventure!

Again, thank you!

Posted by: Colleen Kulikowski on Aug 23, 2007 7:52:43 AM

Thanks Diva, I'm glad you could participate.

Posted by: Caleb on Aug 23, 2007 11:29:41 AM

Thanks for taking the time to judge the contest. Glad you liked what you saw - hope you'll keep stopping by.

Posted by: Sharon Simms on Aug 23, 2007 2:29:20 PM

What a challenge Colleen gave us...and what an opportunity to explore! Thanks for your special look at the contest. Hope you will be sharing your wisdom at Active Rain.

Posted by: janeAnne on Aug 23, 2007 10:53:50 PM

Toby - I don't envy you and it was a great challenge - I posted about a stroll I took today before the street lights came on - I know it brought me fun new places like this to meet other Diva's and Divos - and that's a good thing - Come visit us again soon - we promise to do the same!

Posted by: Cyndee Haydon on Aug 23, 2007 11:45:34 PM

Connie - Glad you had fun exploring new worlds. It sure can be a time zap but we all learn so much from each other!

janeAnne - It was great fun - tho you are so right .. it was a challenge to judge; everyone was a 'winner' - contributors and the community.

Sharon - Quite a talented community of bloggers on Active Rain.

Caleb - It was my pleasure to be part of your fun, innovative contest.

Colleen - Glad you like the analogy to a 'gated community.' Seemed to fit (smile).

Tammy - My big take away was .. Active Voice has a creative community of bloggers who are generously sharing with each other. That is what it's all about!

Laurie - Thank you and the Active Rain community for making me feel so welcomed. Colleen has invited me to join your world and am looking forward to more conversations with as we continue to learn together.

Posted by: Toby on Aug 24, 2007 10:44:51 AM

Thanks for the recognition and taking the time to be a judge! It was fun.

Posted by: Fran White on Aug 24, 2007 2:41:35 PM

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