Friday Fun: Blogger Social '08


Blogger_social_08 New York New York it's a wonderful town .. the Bronx is up and the Battery's down .. and the Bloggers are coming to town. April 4-6, 2008 to be exact is when bloggers from all over the world will dance down Broadway. So .. what's it all about .. Alfie? (Well that is another New York song.)No it's not a new musical ..tho it maybe a comedy for there is sure to be lots of laughter.

To quote the diva of who is the heart of community CK, Blogger Social is like no other marketing event because it’s not about marketing and it’s not about blogging—it’s about the marketers behind the blogs.

There are so many benefits from blogging from search engine lift to viral buzz to customer feedback. However girlfriend, it's a demanding little beast wanting more content, more links, more comments, more .. more .. more. Exhausting. Why anyone would dive into this is beyond me .. except if you understand the house rules it works.

Social media does something else that no other marketing initiative can do. It gives back to the blogger on a personal level. When was the last time your ad campaign sent you a virtual hug? Or your PR strategy included photos of your new bebe? - Luc  bebe Ness is for sure a diva in training! - Or your research study asked you a question back?

Shh .. here is the the real secret. The power behind blogging and social media is the relationships that are built that develop into true friendships. If any one had told me I would expand my network to include a smart guy in India or work on projects with a woman I had never met face-to-face or meet people who would highlight me in books books .. well, diva's I would have told you to take a taxi home because you had one too many of cosmos at Ryan's Boston Martini Meet-up.

Hosts with the mostest CK and Drew are hard at work coordinating a weekend where BBFs can meet, share a meal, a drink, talk blogs, talk life .. have fun together. Awesome. To help with planning CK and Drew are asking for a commitment by Nov 15. For all the who, what, where, why and what read more at the official Blogger Social '08 Blog.

Start spreadin' the news, I'm leaving today
I want to be a part of it: New York, New York.

Well it is another New York song!


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This is starting to look like a must attend.

Posted by: Geoff Livingston on Aug 31, 2007 10:17:19 AM

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