Blogger Stories: New Chapters


  Blogger Stories Stories_3is a special blog that I launched to tell the stories of how people have been touched by blogs, podcasts, vlogs and other online interactions. The virtual library has almost 80 "chapters" written by bloggers from all over the world.

Although the newest chapters of Blogger Stories were all told by business bloggers their reasons to begin blogging and purpose of their blogs are quite diverse. Ilise Benun is using her blog to support her book on marketing and to help her clients.

Tammy Powley's experience with blogs began as a way to promote her jewelry and bead business. It led to new career opportunities in pro blogging.

For Peter Kim blogging began by helping a client navigate a blogosphere firestorm. He then launched an experimental blog for a major brand. Eventually Peter knew he had to get into the game himself and thus was born Being Peter Kim.

I see blogs as conversations, two-way dialogue between individuals that were made for technology’s current evolution.  Who wants to be a voice that people skip, block, and ignore? Peter Kim

I can assure you the voices of Ilise, Tammy and Peter are not to be ignored.

Ilise Benun - The Marketing Mix Blog

Peter Kim, Being Peter Kim

Tammy Powley - Jewelry & Beading, The Jewelry Weblog, Fat and 40, Blog Class Info

Have a great blogger story to tell? Drop a comment.

Sidebar: Catch Pete on Diva Marketing Talks my internet radio show. 30 minutes. 2 guests. 1 topic on social media marketing. Peter and Marianne Richmond talk about the importance of the M word - measurement in social media marketing.


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