"Blog Docs” at Viget Labs Give Diva Marketing A Check-up


In 2005, I met a cool divo by the name of Peter Flaschner, The Blog Studio,  who presented me with an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.Diva Peter offered to create a custom new blog “skin” for Diva Marketing. Through a series of posts, that included all the comps, we involved the community in the redesign. The invaluable feedback strongly influenced the design you're viewing. It was an awesome and fun experience and we all learned together what makes a great blog design.

A few weeks ago (at the SITC New Media Nouveaux) I met a cool divo by the name of Ken Yarmosh, Viget Labs,  who presented me with an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. Ken  offered to take a look at the mysterious tech side of Diva Marketing  and provide some suggestions on how to optimize Diva.

Ken’s suggestions will range from functionality to some SEO stuff and perhaps some design ideas. We'll also review the flow and navigation. But Ken went one step further. Not only did he present this great opportunity to me but to the cool divo - Geoff Livingston, The Blog Buzz

As with the Diva design, I thought it would be another great experience to share with you and Ken agreed. So over the next few weeks Diva and The Blog Buzz will get a check up (Ken promised it wouldn’t hurt). Geoff and I will keep you posted on what the “Blog Docs” at Viget Labs find.

In case you’re wondering why Geoff and I would trust our “babies” to Viget_labs Viget Labs, Viget Labs is a web consulting firm, of talented developers and marketers, based outside of Washington DC.

They’ve done some amazing work including the development of Seth Godin’s Squidoo and Brittany Spears' website. Hmm .. from Seth to Brittany .. and The Buzz Blog and Diva Marketing .. what a range! This is sure to be an interesting adventure.   


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Toby, GREAT concept for making the technical conversation relevant to improving the overall conversation. I'm looking forward to learning more with you.

PS: no mistake on your ranking.

Posted by: C.B. Whittemore on Jul 27, 2007 11:09:33 AM

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