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Diva Marketing Talks: Analytics tonight. Diva Marketing Talks - a live, internet radio show. 30-minutes. 2-guests. 1-topic related to social media marketing. Why? To help organizations understand social media marketing and how to join the conversation without getting blown-up. Can't join us live? The show morphs into a podcast!

Topic for July 31, 2007:
Time: 6:30p - 7P Eastern 
Call-in Guest Number: 718.508.9924
Guests: Peter Kim, Forrester Research and Marianne Richmond, Resonance Partnership

Tonight Diva Marketing Talks focuses on social space analytics. We're calling this one Blog Analytics A Step Towards Credibility??  Social media is fast taking its place at the grown-up marketing strategy table. With the respect, as a credible strategy, comes things like keeping elbows off the table and Accountability and the "M Word" - Measurement. Before you can measure "it" you have to define what "it" is. Our 2 guests are not only highly respected in the social media marketing world but bring the perspectives of agency and client side to the conversation.

Peter_kim_1_2 Peter Kim is an analyst at Forrester Research in Boston. His coverage area focuses on marketing strategy and organization, including advertising and accountability. Prior to joining Forrester, Peter was international marketing manager at PUMA AG; part of the strategy network at Razorfish; and a research analyst at Coopers & Lybrand focusing on the energy industry.

Marianne_2 Marianne Richmond has held senior level marketing positions with some of the largest consumer brands like Nabisco and Purina. From the agency side she's worked with Ally-Gargano/Marketing Corporation of America and DIMAC Direct. Her career direction has led to opening the doors of her own shop Resonance Partnership based in St. Louis.

Tips From The Diva Bag: Blog Analytics A Step Towards Credibility?? 

Complements of Marianne Richmond

  • Forget trying to find the Holy Grail definition or measurement and focus on what you want the end result to be...what you want your customer to do, believe, experience or think OR what role you want a specific media channel to play to achieve the end result.  Once you know the desired outcome, then what it takes to get there... the metrics should fall out from there.
  • Accurate targeting is critical success factor. Bad targeting=false metrics.
  • All or nothing statements like "the page view is dead" will kill you....there never was and never will be one single one size fits all measurement except for sales and profits.

Complements of  Peter Kim

  • Be free.  There are many good packages available for no cost that provide excellent metrics.
  • Think simple.  Social media analytics work differently - focus on a few key indicators to start.
  • Don't obsess.  Metrics should help fine tune your communication strategy, not drive it.

Can't call in but have a question for Marianne and Peter? Drop a comment and I'll ask it for you. What would you like Diva Talks to chat about?

The show is available for download as podcast to your favorite MP3 player. Or play it right on your computer!


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Sounds like a great show. I read Peter often. He's to the point with excellent advice.

Posted by: Lewis Green on Aug 1, 2007 11:15:40 AM

Toby, I wasn't able to listen live, but just caught the archive and found the program - as usual - just wonderful! Lots of good info from 2 fabulous resources. Thank you.

Posted by: C.B. Whittemore on Aug 3, 2007 3:33:51 PM

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