Diva Marketing Talks With Jeneane Sessum & Wayne Hurlbert


Girlfriend, there comes a time when you just have to try on that cute pair of Jimmy Choo's that you've been longing for but were not sure if they'd fit. To take a chance on something new.

Tonight Diva Marketing Blog takes to the air waves with a BlogTalk Radio Show - Diva Marketing Talks. The focus is similar to where Diva Marketing has morphed .. to help organizations understand social media marketing and how to join the conversation without getting blown-up. It's a 30-minute tapa bite of intense flavors in the form of conversation and fun.  Time: 6:30p - 7P Eastern

Tonight's show is focused on The Company You Keep - The Ethics of Social Media and who better to join in on this conversation than Jeneane Sessum - Allied and Wayne Hurlbert, Blog Business World  Blog Business Success BlogTalkRadio

Jeneane_sessum_2 Jeneane was blogging since before blogging was cool. She launched Allied in 2001 and as you can imagine she's has a few thoughts on how ethics fits into the changing world of social media.

Wayne_hurlbert_2 When I think of Wayne Hurlbert, the words "gentleman of the blogosphere" comes to mind. Wayne frequently writes about ethics and he believe ethics is a good business strategy.

I most cordially invite you to join Wayne, Jeneane and me in a Diva Marketing Talks conversation about  the ethical side of social media marketing. If you miss the live show it will be available for download into your MP3 player of choice.

Diva Marketing Talks
Date: Tuesday, July 17th 
Time: 6:30p-7p

Pink_boa Toss of the pink boa to Wayne for his encouragement to start this adventure and his technical consulting help!


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Congratulations on your new radio show, Toby! Well done.

Posted by: Geoff Livingston on Jul 17, 2007 2:04:03 PM

Congratulations on your new internet radio show, hosted on Blog Talk Radio. It is indeed an honour to be one of your guests on your very first show. With your talents at the helm, I am sure that Diva Talks will be a highly successful and popular show. All my best.

Posted by: Wayne Hurlbert on Jul 17, 2007 5:06:40 PM

Geoff and Wayne - Thank you for your very kind words and support. Most appreciated.

Geoff - Would love to coordinate a time for you to "Diva Talk" about participation marketing.

Posted by: Toby on Jul 17, 2007 5:20:25 PM

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