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Two pharmaceutical companies joined the healthcare blogosphere conversation this month: GlaxoSmithKine - alliConnect and JNJBTW - Johnson and Johnson. The launch of these blogs, that differ vastly in tonality and focus, is a significant step in acknowledging the importance of social media in healthcare marketing. Or is it? Are they really in the game?

What first had me questioning was the lack of attention to branding on JNJBTW. Disappointing. J&J is famous for strategic marketing. However, the "skin" of JNJBTW lacks sophistication giving me the feeling that this blog might be a tentative step or perhaps an experiment. Examples - the link "About the authors" profiles one author not multiple authors. Nor is there a link to the parent company. These may seem like minor details but in social media success is in the details.

Sidebar: J&J has reached out to healthcare bloggers hosting dinners in NYC and at the Healthcare Blogging Summit in Las Vegas in March. Bloggy transparency, I attended the speaker's dinner in Vegas and enjoyed in-depth conversations with a couple of folks from J&J.

Although alliConnect is a stronger branded site (the logo is the masthead), I wondered about GSK's commitment to this initiative as well. Neither blog is linked from the parent company website. At least I couldn't find the page.  alliConnect isn't even linked from the brand website. So I ask GlaxoSmithKine and Johnson and Johnson what are your intentions? Is this a feel good let's be cool at the next stock holder's meeting or are you in the game?


Launch date: June 2, 2007
Focus: Weight loss product alliconnect and issues regarding weigh loss.
alliConnect is the official alli blog. It's a place for you to have a conversation with us about weight loss issues. Because we work for a drug company we do have to abide by a few rules

Tonality - Conversational
Transparency: Blogger Steve Burton shares an oops experience he had with alli.
Smart Moves: Invitation to alliFirst Team to post comments

Just the facts ..

Blogger/s: VP of weight control, brand manager, marketing director, attorney, consultant (Debbie Weil); photos of bloggers "conversational bios"
Blog Skin: alli logo used as header is the only branding element
Graphic elements: Posts include photos
Social media bookmarking: None
Comments: Open 
Trackbacks: Open
Blogroll: Yes, GlaxoSmithKine links only
Blog Search: Yes
Comments Policy is a good reflection of the overall tonality of the blog.

We will do our best to review and publish your comment within 24 hours.

We reserve the right to reject comments that contain profanity, are inflammatory or are otherwise inappropriate.  We will not publish opinions that are so far outside of mainstream science as to be misleading or confusing.  We will not permit comments to be disguised as sales pitches for other products or services.

Please share your stories and experiences with weight loss, as well as your opinions - even if they are critical of alli. However, please do not include your mailing address or phone number. The purpose of this blog is to stimulate discussion.

Legal Stuff
This blog is written by employees of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare who are authorized to speak on behalf of the company.

Our posts and answers to your comments reflect our company's point of view. They are based on the latest in science and what we've learned from talking to consumers.

When we offer personal points of views, or talk about our experience with alli, we'll make sure that's clear.

Johnsonjohnson_logo JNJBTW

Launch date: June 4, 2007
Focus: Corporate/company issues
JNJ BTW, there will be talk about Johnson & Johnson - what we are doing, how we are doing it and why.This is a big step for us as a company. Anyone working for a large corporation will appreciate that there are many internal limitations on what we say and how we say it.

Tonality - Formal
Smart Moves: RSS feed for comments

Just the facts ..

Blogger: Corporate communication media relations; no photo; "business bio"
Blog Skin: Johnson & Johnson logo used in subtitle is the only branding element
Graphic elements: Posts do include photos
Social media bookmarking: None
Comments: Open 
Trackbacks: Not indicated

Blogroll: Yes, Johnson & Johnson links only
Blog Search: Yes
Comment Policy is a good reflection of the overall tonality of the blog.

All comments will be reviewed before posting. Since this blog is about Johnson & Johnson, comments that don't directly relate to the Company or to topics covered on this blog won't be posted. That said, some comments may be forwarded to other people within the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies for follow-up as appropriate.

We generally won't post comments about products that are sold by the Johnson & Johnson operating companies. Product questions should directed to the companies that sell them. A list of the products sold by our operating companies is available on the Johnson & Johnson website.

Please keep in mind that Johnson & Johnson and its operating companies work within highly regulated industries. Therefore, comments that pertain to ongoing legal matters or regulatory issues are unlikely to be posted. Further information about our policies concerning content ownership and privacy as well as our responsibility for the accuracy of comments posted to this site can be found in our Privacy and Legal Notice.

Sidebar: Sometimes the world spins strange synergies. Seems Marc Monseau, blogger for Johnson & Johnson wants to lose a few pounds. "After all, if I could lose a few pounds and reduce my cholesterol, I'm pretty sure that I would not only feel better but I would also reduce my risk of developing heart disease - a condition that plagues my family." Hmmm ... wonder if GSK's blogger relations strategy includes out reach to another pharma company (smile). How about a blogroll link exchange?

Read more from two prominent healthcare bloggers:

John Bell on alliConnect - This step forward into social media will be a huge leap for pharma. It is particularly valuable for this category but others will follow.

Fard Johnmar on JNJBTW - Based on Monseau’s opening post, I get the sense that he is going to be talking about some meaty and relevant issues. 


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Interesting perspective on the supposed 'branding' elements. The slicker the corporate blog, the more of a turn-off I find it. There is a lot to be said for not hammering people in the head with giant logos and stock photography. For me, branding is in behavior, and there's not a thing any award-winning 'branding' consultancy can do about that. Brand cannot be bought or expressed as a JPG.

Posted by: Jackie Danicki on Aug 13, 2007 12:07:31 PM

Jackie - Agree .. branding is the perception that the consumer takes away / or brings to the mix. However, I do think that the graphic - jpegs - can help cue those impressions. As to what branding consultants bring to the table .. if branding is the experience that a person has with the product/service from the packaging to the invoicing to the product itself .. why can't an award winning branding consultant be able to help ensure that experience is consistent at all customer touch points? Or an internal person who understand the concept of branding. No we sure can't control the messaging any more all the more important to look at each moment of truth that the customer comes into contact with. Sometimes internal staff are too close to see the bigger picture; but no reason why it can't be done internally.

Posted by: Toby on Aug 13, 2007 7:11:09 PM

The slicker the corporate blog, the more of a turn-off I find it. There is a lot to be said for not hammering people in the head with giant logos and stock photography.

Posted by: web design london on Jan 31, 2012 12:21:47 PM

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