Congrats! Alex Geana


Alex_genana Sometimes you just gotta cheer the success of your friends. BBF Alex Geana has scored a blog with the prestigious Huffington Post. Way to go Alex!

What makes this especially sweet is that Alex is a young writer and playwright living in Manhattan and this opportunity might .. just might .. be a key to opening some doors.

What makes this especially new media is an online publication (incorporating blogs that are perceived to be as credible and real as their journalists' columns) is creating opportunities for young artists (and business people and non profits and students and and and)that never would have been possible a few years ago.

What makes this especially fun is we have an opportunity to watch the career of an artist in the making. Rock on Divo Alex!

Alex Geana's first Huffington Post post - The Perpetual Party, Nightlife and Old New York. Rather reminds me of Carrrie Bradshaw's Sex In The City column.