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New York! New York! Get ready for the women bloggers. BlogHer Business convenes Wednesday night with an open happy hour. Two days of panels and keynote speakers follow 3/22-23. This is BlogHer's first entree into the business conference arena and from the speakers the BlogHer Diva's (Elisa Camahort, Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Stone) have brought in .. seems like another BlogHer hit.

In preparing to moderate the panel "Should You Blog?", I’ve had The Best Time getting to know the amazing, and very different, women - Penelope Trunk, Remi Adams and Roxanne Darling - who will open the discussion. We call it  the “opening” since our job is to jump start the conversation opening the doors to creating dialogue with and among the people attending. 

Remi_adams_2 In the second mini interview with the panelists, Remi Adams, director of public relations for Homestead Technologies encourages you to ask a few questions before you launch a corporate blog.

Toby: We are speaking at the BlogHer Business Conference on the panel "Should You Blog?" The panel is part of the track "How Do I Get It Right the First Time?"  How can you get a corporate blog  right the first time?

Remi: Make sure that the purpose of the blog is well thought out before embarking upon it. What’s the point of the blog? Who is the audience? How will it be used? Who is writing it and in what voice? What information will be divulged and will that information need to be cleared with anyone within the company? These are just a few of the questions people should ask themselves before creating a corporate blog. Also, ask yourself a question people rarely ask of themselves: Do you have the time or resources to create content?

Toby: The blog, CEO Unplugged, is written by the Justin Kitch who is the founder and CEO of Homestead .. and your boss.  What advice would you give marketers who are considering encouraging their CEO to take a step into social media and launch a blog?

Remi: I think a good question to ask is whether or not the CEO has a clear focus, and if blogging as a medium is a good one for that person as a communicator. Some people excel at public speaking; others’ are much more interesting and persuasive as writers. Every medium does not speak to the talents of every person, and I think that since blogs are so accessible and easy to create, people don’t view them as they would any other PR or marketing opportunity. I wouldn’t encourage every CEO to act as a company spokesperson, if they wouldn’t shine in that role on behalf of their company; and the same should be true of the CEO who would like to author a corporate blog. In many cases, CEO’s divorce themselves of the corporate blog and devote their time to writing a personal blog so that they can express their personal opinion more freely.

Toby: What is your personal goal for attendees to take away from our BlogHer Business panel "conversation?"

Remi: I would like attendees to ask themselves a few personal questions before establishing their corporate blogs. There are certainly no right or wrong answers; merely questions that will help people better define their individual paths.

If you've enjoyed the interview with Remi Adams, catch the mini interview with Penelope Trunk. Penelope offers some great tips on how bloggers can create relationships with main stream media.

Party! With The Bloggers! - Hop over to CK's Blog to find out about the Happy Happy Blogger Meet-up On Friday March 23 in NYC. With CK leading this party there is sure to be more than champagne corks popping at Flutes in midtown Manhattan!


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Have been loving these interviewa Toby :)

FYI: BlogHer is also having an open meet-up (meaning you don't need to be attending the conference to attend) tonight at Cain in West Chelsea from 6-8:30.

Details here:

Posted by: Elisa Camahort on Mar 21, 2007 8:28:28 AM

There's a cool post on co-branding on about How Co-Promotions Are Made.

Posted by: Dave on Mar 26, 2007 4:39:22 PM

Whenever clients ask, "Should I [fill in the blank]?" I always answer, "It depends." What a loaded question that should follow with even more questions to back up the decision!

Remi, has some great questions to start with. Here's one to add: "Do you have the characteristics of a good blogger?" If you're considering blogging, you should be an avid blog reader, too. Don't you think?

Your readers might enjoy the Blogging for Business Checklist where they can learn what they need to think about before they create your blog.

Download at:

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