What Social Media Marketing Gives Back To You


Friends_hugging_fundraiser_blog_1 Girlfriend, what do you get when you do your job well? Not your organization but you? A raise? A promotion? The employee of the month parking spot? The satisfaction of knowing you did your best and moved the brand forward? Good stuff all.

Had an interesting email volley with Tim Jackson, the Masiguy, that put a slightly different spin on social media marketing for me.  Executing an advertising, research, public relations, sales or any other traditional marketing strategy brings success or not. I never thought about social media marketing in terms of the marketer getting something back other than the "marketing" of the brand.

Sure as you do business vendors, customers and people you meet along the way can turn into friends too. However, the "social" in social media rings true. No other strategy gives me back more than what I put it. 

15 Social Media Networking Ideas

  1. Find who is linking and mentioning you: review your stats, create an RSS feed and Google Alerts that include your blog url, blog title and your name
  2. Add comments and trackbacks that extend the conversation
  3. Remember what your Mama taught you .. thank people who have picked up on your conversation
  4. eMail a blogger
  5. Phone a blogger
  6. Skype a blogger
  7. Send an eCard - Heard it from Wayne Hurlbert, Blog Business World
  8. Send a card through the mail - Heard it from Kristie T, Kristie T's Home Business Blog
  9. Extend a discussion on your blog and link to the blogger/s who contributed
  10. Develop a habit of courtesy linking - acknowledging where ideas are from (see #7, #8, #11)
  11. Bring back the Blog Roll - Heard it from Jeneane Sussem, Allied
  12. Link generously
  13. Interview a blogger

Many thanks to Stephan Spencer, netconcepts and Stephan Spencer's Scatterings for the rock star intro he gave me to the interview about social media marketing that we did for netconcepts Cool Friends series.

In the interview I did with Geoff Livingston, Livingston Buzz, I also had the opportunity to talk about what I enjoy most .. the strategic execution of social media marketing.

14. Help out a friend with a little link love buzz

Kristen Osolind, re:invention, one of the first blogger who commented on a Diva Marketing post dropped a note about Microsoft's swell sweepstake, where the grand prize is 10 hours of private jet plane time. For any biz travel that is fantasy travelin!

15. Reach out to the new kid on the blogogphere block

Passing along the blog cheer .. a  shout out to a new blogger, Sean O'Driscoll, who is writing about online communities at Community Group Therapy.

One more .. make it Sweet Sixteen Social Media Networking Idea 
16. Send a little surprise gift to a blogger - Heard it from Jane Geneva, Writing Only

Update: After mashing (that's southern for hitting)the publish button I realized that some people may think I meant Pay For Post. I did not. These are little presents that speak of kindness and expressions of friendship.  Jane sent me some lovely tea last winter. Tim gave me cool Masi espresso cups and from Ann Handley, for contributing to Daily Fix , a great Marketing Prof's mug.

I've given people Stowe_boyd_diva_marketing_tshirt_2 Diva Marketing T-shirts. None left .. looking for a new creative saying ;-)  Thanks to Randy Moss for the photo of Stowe Boyd modeling the t-shirt.


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Toby: Thanks for the great interview. GL

Posted by: DofAM on Mar 5, 2007 11:50:25 AM

Great suggestions and I'm honored to be "blogged!"


Posted by: Sean ODriscoll on Mar 5, 2007 12:36:05 PM

For anybody who doesn't already know; the Diva rocks!

Thanks for the mention and for bringing the offline conversation back online. Very cool... and generous.

And folks.. she's right about all the above tips.

Posted by: Tim Jackson on Mar 5, 2007 3:05:42 PM

I know that a number of bloggers have helped me out when I was a newbie. I will definitely be stretching my hand to other newbies.

Posted by: Dawud Miracle on Mar 5, 2007 3:17:42 PM

This is the money quote, Toby:

"However, the 'social' in social media rings true. No other strategy gives me back more than what I put it."

I hear you, sistah.

And by the way, those two little munchkins are about the *cutest* thing I've seen all day... .

Posted by: Ann Handley on Mar 5, 2007 5:27:13 PM


Posted by: fgsdfbgsdfbsb on Mar 6, 2007 3:42:25 AM


I own stacks of paper "Thank you" cards in the colors favorite by the people I am sending them to.

I say never be afraid to reach out -- whatever the means. There are two kinds of busy; the nice kind is always welcome.

Posted by: Valeria Maltoni on Mar 6, 2007 1:01:17 PM

David - thank you for the opportunity to talk more about social media. Your questions were very thought provoking .. in other words .. you made me think (smile).

Sean & Dawd - The sharing is so much a part of the culture of social media. Hope you have as much fun blogging as I have had!

Ann - girfriend, you are the diva of putting the 'social' in community. DailyFix has become the place to read, be read and be a part of in the marketing blogosphere.

Tim - thanks to you for the gem of the idea for this post!

Colored paper .. how very creative and how very "Valeria!"
Thank you for the lovely idea.

Posted by: Toby on Mar 7, 2007 11:36:08 AM

This is such an awesome post Toby. It's a great reminder that we are not an island. The more we reach out to others, the more it comes back to us tenfold.

Here's to reaching out, sharing ideas, making connections, and spreading the "blog love".

Thanks Diva for leading the way.

Posted by: Kristie Tamsevicius on Mar 8, 2007 8:16:19 AM

Kristie - thanks for your kind words and for the great example of Social Media Networking in your post about me. http://tinyurl.com/2vxdaw

Posted by: Toby on Mar 8, 2007 9:38:55 AM

My father always told me "fine minds think alike" We seem to be on the same wavelength of late http://kdpaine.blogs.com/kdpaines_pr_m/2007/03/why_i_love_blog.html

Posted by: Katie Paine on Mar 22, 2007 4:46:41 PM

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