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Friday Fun: New Blogger Story Chapters


Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. A waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain silly.

It's a gray day in Atlanta. The type of day to brew a pot of tea or perhaps pour a glass of vino and curl up with a good book or read a couple of new chapters from Blogger Stories.

Stories_1 Blogger Stories is a special blog that I launched to tell the stories of how people have been touched by blogs, podcasts, vlogs and other online interactions. Building a library of stories gives us an opportunity to understand how lives have been influenced by social media .. from the heart.   

You never know where your blog/social media adventures will take you. They can lead to a place to hang out with a community of friends, as Lewis Green learned. Somethings your career can change directions as Ted Demopoulos relates in his story. Or every once in awhile a blog turns into a special tribute that becomes a living memory to a loved one as we learn in Connie Reece's tale.

Ted Ted Demopoulos - Blogging For Business
Lewis Green - Business Solutions
Connie Reece - [email protected], CONnieVERSATIONS, Blogabillies

Sidebar: Blogger Stories now includes over 80 stories from business bloggers who say blogs have changed the direction of their careers to mommy bloggers who are using their blog to help people caught in the Katrina Hurricanes to a teenager from New Zealand who gets over 15k hits a day on her blog (and her dad who blogs too!) to a poet and more! Drop a comment if you have a blogger story to tell and I'll email you but please do not post your story. Thanks!

A special birthday wish for my favorite nephew Scott .. happy 17th!


business astrology for fun -
from The Astro Divas Paula Dare & Donna Page

Conventional thinking doesn’t bode well as Mercury enters the revolutionary sign of Aquarius on Mon. 1/15. Think outside the box. Write down all wacky ideas, the zanier the better. You may just come up with a most brilliant idea that is enriched with endless possibilities.

Mars moves into Capricorn on Tues. 1/16. You can take all your brilliant ideas and run with it. This energy can help you organize and manage your plan of action. You can accomplish a great deal at this time. The ambitious desire for recognition can be seductive. Take care not to step on any toes on the way up the ladder. It will come to bite you in the butt later on. If you are the boss, watch out for dictatorial tendencies, you don’t want a mutiny.

The New Moon falls on Thurs. 1/18 with Venus conj. Neptune. Pay attention to your intuition. This is not left brain energy. Things may not appear very logical. You may be shown signs that give you the
solution so be open to new possibilities. This can also be very romantic energy. Be careful of falling for a co-worker. Office romances can end up in a disaster.

Social Media Challenges In India


On December 18th in the year 2006 Jeremiah Owyang, Web Strategy By Jeremiah, posted the following:

2006 was about “What is social media” and “Why does it matter”. Business blogging, flogs, podcasting and second life were the hot topics.

2007 is about “How do I deploy social media”. Companies will start to integrate Social Media upand down and side to side in the organization, both externally as well as internally.

Toby_impact_article_1_07_5 That might be true in the United States, but in some countries the conversation has not reached that level. In some countries business bloggers have just begun their work to position social media as a credible marketing strategy. In some countries the adventure is just beginning.

Rajesh Lalwani, BlogWorks, has made it his personal mission to educate the Indian business community about the importance of social media. To begin that job Rajesh launched a discussion series, Blog the Talk, that features the best of learning from the blogosphere and otherwise, through panel discussions, talks and one-on-ones – mostly conducted online.

A few weeks ago I had the distinct honor and pleasure of joining several prominent Indian business leaders - Govindraj Ethiraj, New Media Editor for Business-Standard who also writes the popular blog  Dateline Bombay - A Reporter's Tale ; and Anurag Batra, Editor in Chief & Managing Director of the exchange4media Group - for the launch conversation - Blog the Talk 1- Impact of blogs and social on business & marketing in India!

Rajesh posted a transcript and the comments are revealing .. reinforcing that in India people are taking the initial steps in understanding the possibilities of social media.

  • Possibly the first time that such a debate as been sparked with the marketeer in mind.
  • I do believe India is ready for the Blog revolution, if only brand managers the benefits they could drive of it.
  • This is an interesting space as business application of blogs is a completely unheard of a thing in Indian context.

In addition, two articles published in IMPACT magazine (published by Anurag) take the conversation from virtual world into mainstream media. PDF of the IMPACT article are also posted on BlogWorks.

Perhaps with the passion of people like Rajesh Lalwani and Govindraj Ethiraj and Anurag Batra in India, 2007 will be about - What is social media and Why does it matter and Business blogging, flogs, podcasting and second life.

As The Blog Turns: For P&G Social Media Is A Soap Opera


Pg Girlfriend, this one is Too Good to pass up.  From today's WSJOnline (subscription needed) Procter & Gamble is launching two social media communities.

"P&G believes it has an advantage because both of its sites will be produced by P&G Productions, a unit formed in 1933 that is best known for producing popular soap operas such as "As the World Turns" and "Guiding Light."

"It's going to be one giant living dynamic learning experience about consumers," says Jim Stengel, P&G's global marketing office. I'll say it is.  Have the folks at P&G been living under a rock for the past 3 years?  Diva's advise is to brew some Folger's Coffee and read Nancy White's excellent article Blogs and Community.

NYT Runs An Ad For A Blog


Nyt_blog_ad_1_107_1Divas and Divos here's one for your social media scrapbook .. an Ad For A Blog!

The Sunday New York Times - January 7, 2007. The first half-page ad I've seen for a blog. The Carpetbagger.  Not a product or service with a supporting blog but for the blog itself. Granted it's an ad in the NYT for a NYT property but still.

Diva Marketing's One 2007 PNyt_blog_ad_2_107rediction:  Watch for more mainstream media ads promoting social media: blogs, vlogs, podcasts, Second Life etc. etc. etc. 

Couldn't scan the entire page in one graphic so here it is in pieces top and  bottom. Sorry for the page cut off.

Oh .. and what is the focus of The Carpetbagger blog? It's a seasonal blog that covers all things Oscar authored by David Carr, a culture reporter and media columnist at the NYT.

Friday Fun: 22 Blogging Tips


Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. A waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain silly.

Monday's post started the week out with ideas from Mike Sansone about giving some lift to your blog strategy. Let's wrap the week up on today's Friday Fun with a few more tips on how bloggers are developing loyal readers and who also help promote their fav blogs. The secret, of course, is in the content. Content Reigns. But of course you knew that .. why read a blog if not for the content? Daha

  • 1. Contests. Merrill Dubrow, The Merrill Dubrow Blog, president of M/A/R/C, has launched one of the most creative contests I've seen around. The Stock Challenge of 2007. Via comments you tell Merrill which stock you think will go up the highest percentage in 2007. Winner gets $250 .. 2007 holiday shopping $. And even the loser wins $100 if her (or her or his) stock goes down the most. As of writing this post 56 people commented. You have until January 15 to enter. My choice: SBUX
  • 2. Lists. Lee Owden has a gone a step beyond the recent Z-list meme, launched by Mack Collier over at the Viral Garden, and posted his 250 Must Read Blogs. Some are proably Z some are A some are LMNOP. Then Lee, in true Divo style, went a step futher. He put the whole deal in alpha order and included a blurb about each. Not only a must check out but cool viral marketing strategy.

3. Interviews. Yvonne DiVita has been running an interview series called Smart Woman/Smart Man/Smart Couple since June 2004. The series provides great content and insight and I'm betting an added benefit is the great networking that gives Yvonne with an opportunity to meet some interesting people.

  • 5. Hints. Darren Rowse, ProBlogger, has to be The Divo when it comes to the how and what to drving traffic to your site. Trillions of hints and idea.
  • 6. Book Clubs. Marketing Prof's blog, Daily Fix is running a book club complete with free books. The Diva who thought of this bright idea ..CK. The first book will kick off on Jan 10 with Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell's Citizen Marketing. Shoot CK off an "e" <[email protected]> if you want to play along. Toss of a pink boa to Ann Handly for letting the "community" take over!
  • 7. Marry A Famous Blogger. But then you have to prove your blogging is worth a click and a read. Maryam Ghaemmaghami Scoble, Maryamie, wins that contest.
  • 8. Continuing Series. Lewis Green, biz solutions, is asking readers to send photos of family and friends who have served in the military. Here's something that touches the heart. He's posting the photos on Thursdays.
  • 9. A Little Controversy. Amanda where are you? Amanda who are you?
  • 10. A Little Delight. Millie Garfield, My Mom's Blog, is smart, charming and the youngest 81 year old I know. Now Millie is giving vlog Yiddish lessons!
  • 11. A Little Satire. With Kat Herding Media Jeneane Sessum and Chris Locke show how to make a point without taking social media too seriously .
  • 12. A Little Appreciation. Nancy White, Full Circle, has thanked all of her commentors. Not only has she thanked them but she has linked to each on of them .. if you click to see .. this was no small task!
  • 13. Innovation. Rajesh, BlogWorks, is on a mission to bring social media to India.
  • 16. Carnivals. Wayne Hurlbert is the Divo, or shall I say, the Carinval Barker, of this one.
  • 17. Nice. Paul Chaney .. one of the kindest bloggers around .. and one smart dude.
  • 19. eMail Signature. Merril_dubrow_signature_1Make it easy for people to read you. Add your Blog URL to your email signature. Merrill Dubrow, The Merrill Dubrow Blog has the best one I've seen yet. (RSS it of course too!)

  • 21. Hold a Blog Conference. Sherry Heyl is chairing an unconference, SoCon07 in Atlanta on Feb 10.
  • 22. Memes. Those little games that you either love or hate. Been tagged twice more for the Five Things You Don't Know About Me meme. Don't want to bore you again but since Nettie Hartsock and Des Walsh are 2 fav blogger how about  a couple of what-you-don't-know about Max?

Max_1203_1 Max turned 6 on January 4th. Happy Birthday puppy! 

Max is the most un-alfa terrier I've ever met. Even the vet says that.

Max is the biggest little pest. Persistance must he Max's middle name. He paws until he gets what he wants.

Max is finky and will only eat certain doggy treats. His favorite are Greenies and Chocolate Drops.

Max knows that everyone (people and pets) in the entire world is his friend. Max's best friend in the neighborhood is a calico cat .. Little Kitty .. and his best doggy friend is a Alex, the Russian Wolf Hound. (Max doesn't know that he's only little!)

Bloggy Transparency: #1/18 and #14 are social media clients; and I have some sort of affiliation with the other #s .. but girlfriend, I am not married to a famous blogger (#7). Hope that covers the disclosures. Happy weekend .. off to pour that Trader Joe 3 buck chuck cab (I know it's 2 bucks every where but in Hot'lant)!


business astrology for fun -
from The Astro Divas Paula Dare & Donna Page

Astro Divas off are celebrating 2007. They'll be back next week.

Social Media News: BubbleShare Flying High


Sometimes bubbles don't burst but they fly high. 2007 kicks it up a notch for social media with the acquisition of Bubbleshare BubbleShare by Kaboose. BubbleShare is a way to share your digital photos and the stories that go with them.

Yet one more indication that those conversations are valued and people want to be creative as part of the adventure. The last thought was not a throw away but important. The creativity and fun aspects of social media are critical to a B2C social media product's success. Oh and throw in E-A-S-Y while you are developing.

A toss of the pink boa Pink_boa_19 to hometown Diva Jeneane Sessum who handled the marketing/pr efforts including, of course, spot on blogger relations. Girlfriend, hope you got a well deserved piece of this pie because I'm sure Jenna needs a few apres Xmas gifts <wink>

Sidebar/Update: If you are interested in online M&A deals take a look at the Online Ad M&A list that Craig Kurtzman from Online Advertising Discussion List continues to develop.

Biz Cards Still Are In Play


Divo Mike Sansone, ConverStations is running a series on better blogging in 2007 .. or how to give some lift to your blogging efforts. What I especially liked was Mike's inclusion of the Converstations_biz_card taken-for-granted-old-fashion business card. In addition to adding your blog url (have you updated yours?) Mike suggests writing an offline, mini-blog post (a little note) before you pass your card along.

Diva Mary Schmidt's comments (on Mike's post) suggest we incorporate some value-add information. I loved her idea about "a relevant blog post, with "to read more go to:" Mary says that even more important than your name or contact information is a WIFM (what's in it for me) value point.

In bloggy fashion let's spin Mike's idea and continue the conversation ..

A wise, highly successful sales guy once told me it was "better to get some one's card than to give your own out." The thought was - few people actually follow-up but rather just "collect" cards. Card collections usually end up in a nice box or a nice pile on your desk or in the nice pocket where you put it upon receipt.

Girlfriend, you can drool over the chocolate, stare through the shop window at the latest Jimmy Choos but until the connection is made .. it's wistful dreams.  The relationship and biz opportunities are in the follow-up. Think about it .. how many cards have you given out and how many people have actually contacted you?

  • And how many cards have you taken and followed-up on?
  • And how many cards have you given out to people who you hoped would Never contact you but did?
  • And how many cards have you taken and forgot who the person was or why you even took the card and what you were suppose to follow up with?
    • Tip: write the date, event and what you intend to do on the card right at that moment in time. Not only will you never be faced with the what was I suppose to do syndrome, but it's rather impressive that you're taking the time to jot a few notes about the conversation.
  • And how many cards have you seen that did not have complete contact information and dahling that includes both web and blog urls.
  • And how many cards have you seen that are a screaming disconnect with the brand?
  • And how many cards, from the same company, have  you seen where the design .. logo too .. were totally different?

Your Feedback Please& Thank You!

Divacard_1Speaking of biz cards .. Diva Marketing biz card was created by the talented Peter Fleischer, The Blog Studio, to extend and support the brand of Diva Marketing Blog. I love the design but recently I was told that the martini glass might put off some corporate suit types for biz development (and Max does like expensive doggy cookies!).

I can't quite decide which direction to go in. Martini glass in? Martinin glass out? Since the blogosphere helped develop the look and feel it seems appropriate to ask for your feedback. Also, as of this second now Diva Marketing's blog skin will not change. Should the martini glass be zapped from the biz card?

Sidebar: This post was also written to demonstrate how the conversation from one blog post continues using linking, trackbacks and comments.

Happy New Year!


A Virtual Toast !Happy_new_year_1_1 

To A Happy 2007!

Thank you for your dear friendships which proved time and time again that "virual" is as "real" as anything can be and for adding such joy to my life in 2006.  Sending all the very best to you in 2007 and Max sends woofs. 

These lyrics from Ain't It the Truth seem like a good way to end 2006 and remind us that to enjoy every minute because ..    

Life is short, short, brother,
(Ain't it the truth!)
And there is no other,
(Ain't it the truth!)
You got to rock that rainbow
While you still got your youth,
Ain't it the solid truth!