NYT Runs An Ad For A Blog


Nyt_blog_ad_1_107_1Divas and Divos here's one for your social media scrapbook .. an Ad For A Blog!

The Sunday New York Times - January 7, 2007. The first half-page ad I've seen for a blog. The Carpetbagger.  Not a product or service with a supporting blog but for the blog itself. Granted it's an ad in the NYT for a NYT property but still.

Diva Marketing's One 2007 PNyt_blog_ad_2_107rediction:  Watch for more mainstream media ads promoting social media: blogs, vlogs, podcasts, Second Life etc. etc. etc. 

Couldn't scan the entire page in one graphic so here it is in pieces top and  bottom. Sorry for the page cut off.

Oh .. and what is the focus of The Carpetbagger blog? It's a seasonal blog that covers all things Oscar authored by David Carr, a culture reporter and media columnist at the NYT.


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Very interesting to say the least. my skepticism is slightly intact though, since it is an NYT ad for an NYT product as you say. If they had either placed the ad elsewhere (but why would they) or another blog had placed the ad, I'd be a little giddier. However, it is still significant, especially considering the blog's content.

Posted by: Tim Jackson on Jan 8, 2007 12:13:39 PM

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