Happy New Year!


A Virtual Toast !Happy_new_year_1_1 

To A Happy 2007!

Thank you for your dear friendships which proved time and time again that "virual" is as "real" as anything can be and for adding such joy to my life in 2006.  Sending all the very best to you in 2007 and Max sends woofs. 

These lyrics from Ain't It the Truth seem like a good way to end 2006 and remind us that to enjoy every minute because ..    

Life is short, short, brother,
(Ain't it the truth!)
And there is no other,
(Ain't it the truth!)
You got to rock that rainbow
While you still got your youth,
Ain't it the solid truth!


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Ain't it the truth sister Toby!

Much love to you this year and so much thanks for your friendship and support.

As promised, I will start my book this month as well. I have a trip to Taiwan this month, so I'll have plenty of airplane time to get some notes down and get things rolling. Thank you for your support and gentle pushing... I wouldn't have followed through on the idea otherwise.

I hope you (and everybody here) have a fantastically Diva-riffic year!

Posted by: Tim Jackson on Jan 1, 2007 10:52:20 AM

Thanks Tim for your kind words. And ditto. It was a treat meeting you in CA in October. And I can't wait to read the MasiGuy's book .. which I sure hope will include the MasiDaughter Katie (smile).

Posted by: Toby on Jan 2, 2007 12:12:11 AM

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