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Sitting next to Ten Dennard, BeeSavannah Bee Company,  on my way from ATL to San Francisco to speak at the Fancy Food Show should have given me a clue about the focus of my trip .. passion. Ted, also on his way to the Fancy Food Show, is passionate about those buzzy little creatures .. bees.  Me .. I love honey but  no way would I want to trade a hive for Max!  But Ted's passion has made his dream a reality. 

My flight was on time (hurray!) and I met up with Teresa Caro, my cohort in this adventure, her husband Dave and San Fran real estate bloggers John Harper, The Harper Team, and Pat Kitano, TransparentRETech at MoMo. It was a blast meeting them and I was delighted that they were able to join us for drinks and bloggy talk on short notice.

Although they've been blogging for a only a few months, John and Pat are passionate about  what social media can add to  a realtor's ' marketing strategy. In fact, they so believe in the power of blogs that they've put together free how-to-blog workshops for realtors.
Sidebar: Horrid photo of moi that John shot .. blame it on jet lack.  Here's a better one <wink>

Paul Pechman, who attended our session at the Fancy Food Show in NYC last summer, joined us for this session too. John is about to launch a pickle company - Pickled to Perfection (love the name!).  He knows more about pickles than anyone I know. Look for a pickle passion blog .. soon to come!

Food people are passionated about what they do .. but it's a difficult industry to succeed in and without that passion .. you haven't a chance to make it through the clutter. However, sometimes passion can take us into unchartered waters and sometimes social media can as well. We wanted to make sure that, along with the  passion for social media that Teresa and I brought to the workshop, we provided some Guidelines of What To Do and What Not To Do as you develop and launch your social media strategies.

What To Do

  • Respect the culture of social media
  • Be Authentic - builds your credibility
  • Be Honest - builds your reputation
  • Be Transparent - builds respect
  • Develop a Blogger's Code of Ethics for your bloggers
  • Develop a social media strategy that integrates with you master marketing plan
  • Remember that a social media strategy is a long-term tactic

What Not To Do

  • Neglect the cultural influence of social media
  • Lie - explicit or by omission
  • Spam comments or inappropriate trackbacks
  • Spolg - spam blog
  • Hard sell posts and PR releases without value added content
  • Jump into the game without developing guidelines and a code of ethics for your bloggers
  • Think that social media is a quick fix to a marketing plan


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Toby - are you sure it wasn't the six martinis?

Pat and I really enjoyed the meetup. The class went well. Many new people excited about blogging. The Thursday class is beyond standing room only.

And for the rest of the readers - just kidding about the martinis - as I recall she only ate the olives.

...from one.

Posted by: john harper on Jan 23, 2007 10:44:20 AM

John - it was Teresa who had the olives with her martini .. my appletini came sans olives .. harder to keep track of the number that way . Glad to hear your session went well.

Posted by: Toby on Jan 23, 2007 12:04:51 PM

Great guidelines! I would like to add not be afraid of social media - it is not a scary monster that will haunt you if you slip up or misspell a word. It is about interacting with people, something most people do offline every day.

Posted by: Sherry Heyl on Jan 24, 2007 10:37:16 AM

Sherry - Yes, blogging is a great way to network and build relationships; and keeping in mind the cultual nuances (honestly, transparency, authenticity and throw in a little of that passion) should keep the flames at bay .. wink!

Posted by: Toby on Jan 24, 2007 10:58:37 AM

And if you are starting a blog for your business, don't forget that incredibly important, but always forgotten step of creating a strategy --- with goals and guidelines. It was a great time everyone. Thanks for having us!

Posted by: Teresa Caro on Jan 24, 2007 11:50:55 AM

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