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A new year is a great time to travel in a different direction. Tris_hussey Bloggy pal Tris Hussey, social media consultant extrodinarie, is ready to explore a full time gig opportunity. 

I want to stay active in the blogosphere.  I'd like to use my decade plus of Internet, marketing, communications, and product skills.  I write well.  I understand tech.  I understand people.  I can launch or lead a social media program.  I can lead your product team.  I can be a core part of your senior team.

Tris has pulled me out of tech hot water more times than I care to think about. He knows his stuff plus he's wonderful to work with .. a kind, smart, generous divo. Know of a great job for a great guy?  Give Tris a shout out; find out more at A View From The Isle.

Sidebar: Bloggy disclosure - Tris did not pay me to say any of the above. I am not getting a finder's fee for any gig. The link to A View From The Isle is not an affiliate link. Oh did I mention Tris was a friend? Yup see sentence #2.


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I'm touched. Thank you Toby!

Posted by: Tris Hussey on Jan 15, 2007 10:07:20 PM

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