AstraZenca Gets Customer Trust


Great print ad from AstraZenca. My favorite lines -  "We'll be the first to admit we don't have all the answers. But as a pharmaceutical company, we recognize that when you trust us to help you, we feel we owe you the same trust in return."

To me that implies mutual respect. After the last Diva Marketing post, it's nice to see that some marketers get that good marketing does not = customer manipulation.


From the website - "This web site, AZ&Me, is our first step toward realizing our goal of creating a more personal, more positive healthcare experience. Are we there yet? Certainly not we've only just begun.

What we are wondering now is, where do we go from here?"

AstraZeneca, glad you asked. How about a step into social media with a blog or a podcast or two or how about a vlog that brings the static content to life?

Toss of a pinkPink_boa_18 boa to AstraZeneca for taking the first steps in understanding that the new world of marketing means building relationships with customers not jumping through trick hoops.

Sidebar: Let's take a from AstraZeneca. What can you do to let your customers know that you trust and respect them? So very bloggy!


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I just try to talk openly and honestly, giving them the straight story as much as I can. I also use polls on the site to solicit feedback and then share the results and explain my plans, etc. I do believe that engaging the customer/ community on their turf helps too... but that's not news to anybody.

Posted by: Tim Jackson on Dec 22, 2006 9:33:57 AM


Nice post. I've also been looking at the charm offensive launched by AZ and other pharma companies. To learn more about it, please click here:

Posted by: Fard Johnmar on Dec 22, 2006 10:23:53 AM

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