Your Sunday School Teacher Was Wrong


Andy Sernovitz from WOMMA sent me an email last week that included the new WOMMA Ethics 20 Questions.Ethics He did not ask me to blog about it. Okay, so we are now at full disclosure.

Ooops. He did provide his contact information if I wanted to talk with him including his cell number. Okay, so now we are full disclosure

Ooops. He also offered a press pass to the December event  - which I would take up if it didn't conflict with the class on management consulting I'm teaching at Emory University.  Okay so now we are at full disclosure. I hope.

This disclosure thing can get a bit tricky. Ethics can get a bit tricky too. We are living in a world comprised of shades of gray.  What is ethical to me may not be to you. Does that sound odd?  I tell attendees in my customer service workshops .. in business the Golden Rule does not apply.

Forget what you learned at Sunday School. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  Does not work in business.

In business .. in marketing .. in customer service (which is a part of marketing!) it's not about what is good for ME but what is good for YOU .. the customer.

Sorry Dave and Doc the blog world that you created when Jeneane began playing in this space has changed. There are millions of people using blogs for millions of reasons. One of segment is business. That means customers. That means they  (customers) have the right to honest information. And isn't that what's it's all about at the core of blogging?

What does this have to do with WOMMA's Top 20 Qs or WOMMA's Code of Ethics, which by the way were written way before the latest blogosphere debacle?  Because the world is made up of shades of gray, creating ethics for an emerging industry is setting standards so we can play nicely together.

The WOMMA Ethics 20 Questions is the first draft of a series of questions to help marketers determine if a word of mouth campaign is aligned with WOMMA Ethics Code. It's it perfect? No. Is it a start to helping establish an emerging industry where many professional marketers question its crediblity? Yes.

In true bloggy style WOMMA is asking for your feedback. Take a look at the 20 Qs and add your comments. Deadline is November 9th. Final version will be published on November 20th. 


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I'm not following the golden rule rewrite. Could you explain a little more?

Posted by: Amyloo on Nov 2, 2006 12:39:30 AM

Sorry for the confusion Amyloo. What I was trying to say was that when it comes to marketing and especially customer service people have different needs, values and expectations. What you want may not be the same as what I want. So in terms of the Golden Rule .. don't treat me as you would want to be treated but as I want to be treated.

Posted by: Toby on Nov 2, 2006 2:24:19 AM

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