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Yingandyangprintc10089354Tomorrow Marianne Richmond and I have the pleasure of conducting a workshop for a Fortune 500 company. In respect for their privacy, bloggy transparency is suspended. So instead, since I’m among friends on Diva Marketing, I wanted to mind-dump some thoughts that run through my head before every workshop and presentation I do on social media/blogs.

Oh sure, the presentation is created. Pretty Power Point slides that we spent days and days crafting. But the soul of the session is where my thoughts turn hours before I meet people who are new to social media. Paying gig or not – when the ‘curtain goes up’ it can not be about me .. it must be about them. And each group is unique with their own challenges, concerns and assumptions.

So I think …

How can I best convey the excitement of a new marketing opportunity that opens the doors to customer communications? How can I help them appreciate that something as odd sounding as a “Blog” and yet as simple as “a little website where people can talk back to you” is changing the dynamics and the paradigm of marketing and of business?

How can I help them understand that yes, the new and innovative usually comes with a few risks, but the rewards far out weigh the downside .. if you understand the rules and culture of this game. And yes, you can indeed color outside the lines IF, as in jazz, you first understand the basic notes. I’m betting Jeneane Sessum's musician, blogger, husband George Sessum, could give us a few hints.

: Girlfriend, love that word – Alas. We’d never use it in verbal conversation but it is so fun to throw in when are text talking!

How can I convay the idea that similar to the ancient Ying and Yang concept, business blogs are not completely from the head (strategy) nor from the heart (passion). The most successful are a combination of both. They can not exist without each other.

If I were David Armano or Dave Gray I might draw clever diagrams. Alas, words and enthusiasm are my tools.  So I fool around with words and ideas and hope that a little passion goes a long way.   Here’s a play on B-L-O-G that I had fun with today.

B - Businesses
L – Listening & Learning
O – Opportunities
G – (for) Growth

Graphic complements of Dominique Gaudin


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1. Toby Bloomberg's Diva Marketing blog has a great pre-Fortune 500-company-presentation post about the yin and yang of blogging, and she also shares this helpful acronym: B - BusinessesL - Listening LearningO - OpportunitiesG - (for) Growth 2. Neil Pa... [Read More]

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Toby, when the curtain goes up today, I hope you "break a leg!"

I like your analogy of yin and yang applied to business blogging - finding that right combination of passion and strategy that will keep readers engaged and informed.

And I'll be using your B-L-O-G play on words (with attribution, of course) as an easy-to-remember way to describe what business blogging is all about. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Posted by: Connie on Nov 14, 2006 8:51:24 AM

Connie - thanks for your kind words and support. I like the way you put it ..."finding the right combination of passion and strategy that will keep readers engaged and informed."

Your comment is a wonderful example of how one thought, from a blog post, can open a conversation that makes the concept even better. Thank you for engaging

Posted by: Toby on Nov 14, 2006 10:29:38 AM


It's too true; a good business blog is half passion, half strategy and 100% fun! As haphazard and goofy as my blog is, it has been successful because I have tried to simply facilitate dialog and engage people and give the readers somebody to relate to. It;s a pretty simple recipe and has worked pretty well for this silly blogger.

Good luck with the presentation, not that you'll need it, and let us all know how things go.

Posted by: Tim Jackson on Nov 15, 2006 1:07:37 AM

Tim - Your MasiGuy is an awesome example of how to do a brand blog right. Waiting for that book

As for the 'client' .. They liked us .. in fact the highest complement of all .. they booked an encore before we left. That's a good thing - Max needs more doggy cookies!

Posted by: Toby on Nov 15, 2006 9:40:55 AM

I love the great acronym for BLOG, nothing like making the word come to life to create a little energy for the process!

Posted by: Evan on Nov 15, 2006 11:52:30 PM

Hi Toby,

Great post and thanks for the compliment. I like your mnemonic device for blogs and would like to share another one that Matt Homann came up with the other day:

B etter
L isting
O n
G oogle!


Posted by: Dave Gray on Nov 16, 2006 9:28:23 PM

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