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Facebook What's it like to be the 'old man' at 40 something? Just ask Facebook's Mike Murphy, Chief Revenue Office, who not only finds himself surrounded by 20 somethings but reports to visionary Mark Zuckerberg, who turned 22 years old this year. Mike loves it! He likes playing mentor and he likes the energy that is propelling Myface into a Web 2.0 success story.

Mike was in town (Atlanta) yesterday to speak at an AiMA event. He shared his views about social media and insights about how the 18-24 demo views communication.

He kicked off his talk with a  great definition of social media - Social Media Is Active Sharing Online. Michael Anders' comment on Diva Marketing post Facebook Comes To AiMA was 110% aligned with Mike's views.

Facebook is definitely a powerful relationship marketing tool. I am a college student/entrepreneur myself. I believe that facebook is so successful because my generation came of age with the internet. We love to use the internet as a facet for relating to our peers. We trust the internet (unlike our parents' generation who always asks "Is that safe to do online.").

This is indeed the "Let it go generation." A phrase coined by P&G Chairman, President, and CEO, Alan G. (A.G.)Lafley. Mike heard Lafley speak at the ANA Conference where Lafley told attendees it was important to let consumers take over the brand's message by providing social media opportunities.

Take Aways From Mike Murphy's Facebook Presentation
18 to 24 year olds are net natural while 25+ are immigrants to social media. FaceBook's success came from understanding that their users are building a brand. It's the brand of me.

Best Practices To Building Social Media Campaigns For 18 to 25 Year Olds

  • Bring users in as part of the experience
  • Give users a reason to share
  • The brand must be a part of the experience
  • Relevancy is key
  • Listen without fear (I love this one!)

Benefits From Social Media  Strategy

  • Important feedback loop
  • Endorsement of brand to friends
  • Short cut to relationships

Measure ROI

  • Extent of sharing - How many times people share within a community.

What's on the Facebook horizon? Direct upload of photos from your mobile phone to your Facebookpage.

Surfing around Facebook and found that the perks at Facebook for the lucky engineers sound like a replay of the pre dot com bust.

    * Medical, dental and vision plans with no premium for employees
    * 401(k) plan
    * 21 vacation days per year, plus 8 company holidays and 2 floating holidays
    * Complimentary catered breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
    * Complimentary beverages and snacks
    * Dry cleaning and laundry service onsite
    * Free downtown parking permit
    * Subsidized gym membership
    * Catered Friday Happy Hours at the office
    * $600/month housing subsidy if you live within one mile of the office
    * Standard-issue 24" LCD monitors and your option of 15" Apple MacBook or IBM ThinkPad
    * Worldwide notoriety by having your face on sample Facebook flyers

Sidebar: Not a mention of perks for the marketeers .. hmm.

Thanks to Cameron from Yahoo! It was a great event.


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