Lancome Does A Diva Kinda Halloween



Trick or Treat! Girlfriend, I've been waiting all week to post this one. Make-up treats for Halloween from Lancome. Gotta love it!

Lancome dropped a fun, creative Halloween email campaign. It's one of the best I've seen since the Godiva Valentine chocolate and shoe strategy.

In addition to the innovative approach the email included tips, an special purchase incentive "treat" and send to a friend link.

Where the campaign let me down was the lack of integration with the Lancome website. Although the links lead to commerce pages there was no landing page. I really wanted more of the Halloween fun. Lancome got me at "Hello." Or should I say "Boo?" I would have happily spent some time at their site. A micro site with all of the cute Halloween make-up ideas would have given me a richer experience.

Sidebar: Godiva's campaign integrated shoes through out the site.

Lessons Learned: Developing An Integrated Marketing Strategy

  • Identify multiple customer touch points
  • Develop tactics that reinforce the campaign at each touch point
  • Keep the creative consistent across all touch points


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I remeber that campaign. I feel the same way, Lancome should have added more information to the email.

Posted by: Krystle on Nov 19, 2006 12:44:19 PM

I agree that campaign was amazing. If more companies could mold thier products to various holiday's and events with am emphasis on women, I think they would experience great success.

Posted by: Shelley on Dec 10, 2006 5:14:58 PM

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