Friday Fun: Talk Blogs In Your PJs


Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. A waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain silly.

It's a rainy Friday in Georgia and the weather guy says the storm is moving east towards the coast and then on to New England for the weekend. What do you do if you want to stay warm & cozy and Bunny_slippers wear your bunny slippers all day but still be productive?  Have I got a deal for you!

Tomorrow, Saturday 10-28 the WECAI Network™ is sponsoring an all-day Teleconference Event to "Help Women Do Business On and Off the Web."  Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO of WECAI asked me to put together a panel on business blogging: Harnessing the Blogosphere, the Future of Blogs and How to use them to Promote Your Products, Service or Organization.

The alone title called for ultra cool Divas. So I asked some of the smartest women working in social media to hang with me Saturday am and talk about one of our fav subjects - blogs!

The conference runs from 10a - 4p and includes 6 teleconferences/webinars covering: email marketing, affliate marketing, PR. how to create a marketing plan.

Heidi is charging a small fee of $47 to cover expenses. You get access to all sessions, access to the audio recordings so you can listen at your leisure, all Resources including a 40+ page Workbook, eBooks, Worksheets and eGuides. 

If you're around Saturday morning between 11:20a - 12:10p (and not at a Georgia Floria Game tail-gating party!) pour another cup of coffee and hang out with the Marketing Divas!

Astrology_15 business astrology for fun -

from The Astro Divas Paula Dare & Donna Page

Get ready for the fun to commence. Mercury goes Retrograde tomorrow 10/28. If you have any contracts to sign it is advisable to hold off until after Mercury turns Direct 11/17 at 7:25 PM. If you wonder why you’re having computer problems, people are taking everything you say the wrong way, your flight is delayed, your luggage gets lost, your car breaks down, you just maybe feeling the effects of the Retrograde cycle. This is a great time for sales people to reconnect with customers.

On Sunday Neptune turns Direct. Allow the creative juices to flow. Let your imagination take over and write down all of the things you would like see changed in your business, no matter how way out there you think it may be. Then you can go through your list of ideas and get to work.


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