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Hyku_logo Josh Hallett will be one busy blogger this weekend and into next week. But then Josh is always on the go. In fact, too much so he thought. Last winter he had an ah ha moment .. enough of thisHyku_logo on the road stuff .. it's time for people to come to visit me in - Orlando, FL.

Now FL is a great state and Orlando is nice town, but really Josh besides the "mouse" why would anyone choose to come to Orlando? (only kidding!) Smart Divo that he is, Josh put together a FREE blog un-conference and this weekend September 22-24, 2006 marks - what may become the first annual  BlogOrlando.Hyku_logo

If Josh's email to me this afternoon is any indication - if you haven't signed up by now you may have to wait until BlogOrlando 2007. Check the BlogOrlando site during the weekend with 80 bloggers coming in from all over the world (Hi Nicole! Cruel To Be Kind) there is sure to be lots of live blogging. Wish I could be there with y'all but I'll be visiting my 92-year old Auntie Helen. Perhaps if I tell her about Millie, My Mom's Blog, we both will be there next year!

Atlanta Want to talk blogs but didn't make it to Orlando? Come To Atlanta!

IABC & STC join forces on Tuesday, September 26th to present a panel discussion .. Beyond Blogs 101 - Your In The Game Now! And you'll never guess who is the esteemed moderator .. Josh Hallett! He's back on the road again .. and hopefully recovered from BlogOrlando.

The panel includes:

Dave Coustan - Earthlink's corporate blogger - blogs.earthlink.com
Mark Chernesky, Web Development Director for Digital Media Technologies, Turner Broadcasting System
Toby Bloomberg - Bloomberg Marketing & Diva Marketing Blog

Date: Tuesday, September 26th
Time: 11:30a-1p
Venue: Maggiano's Buckhead

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Hi, Toby --

Is there a comprehensive list or calendar somewhere with all blog-related events? I'd love to get to some of these, but I never seem to find out until the week of!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by: Aimee on Sep 22, 2006 1:51:33 PM

I had to cancel and will only be getting directly to Ontario for the PME. But I hope everybody will have a lot of fun and I will meet you soon again. :)

Posted by: Nicole Simon on Sep 23, 2006 10:14:00 AM

Aimee - that's a great idea. I seem to recall that someone is trying to compile a list. If I find it I'll post it or if anyone knows of one please leave it in the comments - thanks!

Posted by: Toby on Sep 23, 2006 2:29:09 PM

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