Friday Fun: Pets Help Ralston Step Into The Blogosphere


Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. A waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain silly.

Girlfriend, Max (my Westie pup) has a new friend - a 3-month old tabby kitten. When we go for walks Max stops at Little Kitty's house. And waits and waits and waits. Most days 7-year old Lindsay, Little Kitty's person, opens the front door and Little Kitty runs out to play with her doggie pal. It is too funny!

If you're a pet lover, you must check out a Diva Yvonne DiVita venture into new bloggy waters. This week she launched a most fun pet blog - Scratchings & Sniffings. The blog is sponsored by Ralston Purina but as Yvonne is quick to point out RP is not editing or directing content topics. Yvonne's goal is to build a community of pet lovers.

A long time ago .. perhaps 2005, corporate sponsored blogs, like Healthy Concerns were considered quite controversial. However times have changed - as is par for the course in our new social media industry. As the emergence of blog networks have demonstrated, blogs about topics/subject matters that are written by people who have a passion for the topic and can write to engage readers - but are not business or personal/idenity blogs - are now accepted as a genre of blogs.

While the author of the blog, not the sponsor, is the voice behind the content, corporate sponsored blogs are a low risk test into the blogging. The look over the shoulder peek is one way for businesses to dip a toe into the swirling waters of social media. Sidebar: Healthy Concerns is no longer a corporate sponsored blog.

Complements of GourmetStation's Smash-Up Viral Video Get Out Of The Dog House Contest - enjoy the Fav Pooch Slide Show!

Astrology_14 business astrology for fun -
from The Astro Divas
Paula Dare & Donna Page

There is a Solar Eclipse today 9/22. New Moons are generally a good time
to start new projects, but it is at the last degree in the sign of Virgo, it squares Pluto and is conjuncts the South Node which suggests endings rather than beginnings and letting go of the past. Stay focused-prioritize. Complete the tasks you’ve been working on before taking on anything new.

The Sun enters Libra the sign of relationships Sat. 9/23/06 EDT-9/22/06 PDT. This is good for socializing. You may have a better chance to close the deal if you take your client out to lunch and discuss business.

On 9/24 Jupiter squares Neptune. Optimistic Jupiter conflicts with Neptunian fantasy. You may begin to see if your business dealings are really paying off or if you’ve been duped.

Sidebar: This week's Friday Fun is brought to by Saturday Smiles.


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