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Blogger Stories New Chapters


BStorieslogger Stories is a blog that I launched to tell the stories of how people have been touched by blogs, podcasts, vlogs. It's an opportunity to tell the personal stories of how lives have been influenced by social media.

People have told me they've found the stories inspirational, funny and heart warming. The next time you're on a boring conference call .. don't doodle. Read a Blogger Story!

These 'chapters' of blogger stories include a blogger dad and his blogger 15-year bloggy old daughter, the story of two mommy bloggers who are changing the way people are giving and reflections from a woman on how blogs are providing an opportunity to help her care for her son.

Chloe Spencer - The Ultimate Neopets Cheats Site
Stephan Spencer- Stephan Spencer's Scatterings, Changes For Good
Jeremy Wright - Ensight
Jody DeVere - Ask Patty – Automotive Advice for Women
Cooper Munroe and Emily McKhann - The Been There Clearinghouse, The Motherhood
Andy Hayler - Andy One Enterprisesoft

Read a Blogger Story!

FPRA Honors Josh Hallett


Although the 68th Annual Meeting of the Florida Public Relations Association has called it a wrap, the site is rich with insights and learnings posted by a team of bloggers.
Congrats!to blog pal Josh Hallett, Hyku, who was recognized as Member of The Year.

Friday Fun: Comedy Southern Style


Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. A waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain silly.

Recently I met a few actors from Atlanta who are using vlogs and MySpace as their virtual stage. Sit back and enjoy a bit of southern humor with your Jack or sweet tea.

True Gritz -Sas_true_gritz_2 is the southern version of RocketBoom.  Grayson Hurst Daughters and Jen Gordon play Pauline and Sassy two southern ladies who are would never go out of the house without their "faces." Pauline_true_gritzThey spoof on southern gentility and try to bring the old south into the 21century. 

Jed Fearon
is a geek by day and a stand-up comic at night. Jed_fearson_1 In addition to his MySpace page Jed On Arrival performs at The Showcase Comedy Club in Buckhead - that is a dinner by day and a comedy club at night.   

More Atlanta Comedians
Georgia Podcast Network

: GPN is not about comedy but about politics .. to some people may be one and the same. Thanks to Grayson for the heads up.

Sidebar update: Thanks to bloggy buddy Scott Burkett, Pothole on the Infobahn <www.scottburkett.com> for the intro to the good folks at AITA - Atlanta Information Technology Assoc. where I met Grayson and Jed this week. I had the honor of being the AITA August guest luncheon speaker. What did I talk about .. social meeting and blogging of course ;-) Salute to David Reed and Neal Coughlin who made the process easy.

Also a shout out to Kevin Howarth for his kind words in  TechLinks Chicken Finger Report <www.techlinks.com> and great to see Timothy Moenk from What A Concept!

Sorry for the wwws .. the linky thing does not seem to be cooperating.

Astrology_13 business astrology for fun
By Diva Astrology Bloggers Paula Dare & Donna Page

The workweek starts off with the Sun conjunct Saturn. Take responsibility and honor your commitments. It also means you’ll probably be working hard.

The Full Moon in Aquarius is 8/8/06. The Moon is applying to a conjunction to Neptune and the Sun is applying to the opposition to Neptune. This adds an air of deception and uncertainty. Don’t let anyone fool you. Pay attention to your gut feeling. If the deal or person you’re dealing with doesn’t feel right-it probably isn’t. Be on your guard to protect your interests.

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The Corporate Blogging Book


I rThe_corporate_blogging_bookeceived a promotional copy of Debbie Weil's, almost hot off the press, new book yesterday - The Corporate Blogging Book.  Although I've only read a few pages my first impressions were - clean (style), funny, smart, so very Debbie! Looking forward to digging into it.

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Wall Street Journal Gives Diva Link Love


Wsj_logo_1 Thanks to Carl Bialik, the numbers guy, at Wall Street Journal Online for the mention/link to Diva Marketing in his article, Why Executives Speak Out. Carl was curious about the methodology behind the JupiterResearch study where findings pointed to a significant increase in corporate blogs by the end of 2006.

Sidebar: I wrote a few posts in what Amy Gahran might called an investigative journalist style about the study. Carl picked up one of the posts. [Jupiter Research - End Story JupiterResearch Makes Some Changes Answers From JupiterResearch (JupiterKagan)  What Are Bloggers' Responsibilities? JupiterResearch Blog Report Reviewed JupiterResearch Passes Around The Kool-Aid]

JupiterResearch senior analyst, Greg Dowling, provided Carl with information about how the survey was conducted. The WSJ article is available by subscription only; however, Greg Dowling posted details about JupiterResearch's approach and a post by David Schatsky, president JupiterKagan, highlights JupiterResearch's new business practices regarding providing requested methodology and blogger relations.

<Update> One more shameless shout out. Another mention in the Wall Street. Carl Bialik's quoted me in his Aug 2, 2006 column. Can one of those cute little picture on the front page be next? Of course he does think I'm a "he" but at least my name is spelled right.

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Men At BlogHer


Blogher_06_2There are many wonderful recaps of BlogHer 2006 including links to "offical" live blogging at BlogHer; Amy Gahran's BlogHer Wiki Technorati tagged posts here and here and here.

Men_abstractfiberartitsrainingmendetailj I thought it might be fun to take a look at what a few of the guys had to say about a blogging conference where they were in the minority. Most of the Divos wrote an overview but here are a few sound bites (or bytes).

  • Josh Hallett - The only tension perhaps was the overuse of the term 'Mommy Blogger'. At the final session one participant did say something like, "I'm not a mom and I am not married, but I still blog." That statement received a huge response.

        Sidebar: If you were/know the diva who made that remark would you please contact me.

  • Dave Winer - The women were "beautiful babes, but not like like booth bimbos, more like Thelma and Louise. It was totally inspiring, and I don't think they'll mind my saying, totally sexy. If there is a heaven, I hope this is what it's like.
  • Robert Scoble - I came to listen, not to speak. The other men I talked to felt the same way. It was refreshing to work on listening skills again and learn something from a group of people I wouldn’t usually be with.
  • Guy Kawaski - This (photo) is everything that attendees got in the conference bag. It included something I’ve never gotten in conference bag before. Yup, a condom...although I guess I’ve never gotten a bib too.
    Sidebar: Post has photos including one of some BlogHer dudes: Guy, Dave Winer, Robert and Patrick Scoble. The caption reads "...this may be four percent of the Technorati 100." Seems Guy didn't internalize that Non A List BlogHer thing. Guess you can take the guy to BlogHer but you can't take the competitive list deal out of the Guy.
  • Dmitriy Kruglyak - What I find so remarkable about BlogHer is how seamlessly they brought together a vibrant online community with the real world interaction through a conference. These online and offline connections seem to reinforce one another as people can better relate online to someone they met in person and face-to-face meetings lead to expansion of the circle of friends online.
  • Stowe Boyd - The women-in-solidarity ambiance was very strong, and I did at times feel like a delivery guy at a women-only health club.

  • Chris Carfi - Great quotes from around BlogHer. And a question: Is BlogHer the biggest blogging conference?
  • Tom Maddox - Because the usual male-female ratio was inverted at Blogher, male display was almost entirely absent, replaced by friendly, open conversation. The prevailing atmosphere--the oxygen--was friendliness, openness, inclusiveness.
  • Jeremy Pepper - Posted also at POP PR Jots - The event was how such blogging events should be: the newbies and the veterans getting together to discuss blogging and blogging practices.
  • Phil Hollow - The attendees all seemed to find the environment a safe, secure and friendly one, and it certainly seemed to me that everyone was welcome, regardless of gender. Thanks to Elise Bauer!

How can the divos of the blogosphere help diva bloggers? Chris Nolan, who did a wonderful job moderating the end panel, has two suggestions:

  • Stop making lists
  • Link. Link. Link (and then link some more)

Sidebar: My welcome home gift was spending many, many hours with Earthlink in the wee hours of the night/morning trying to connect to the internet and with promises of senior tech call backs not kept. Technorati Tags: