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Manopolymoney Great discussion going on Business Blog Consulting about monetizing blogs. By the way, if you have not found Rick Bruner's, fondly called BBC blog, it's worth a click or two. Rick has pulled together some of the blogosphere's most respected biz bloggers (idea from Paul Chaney) to form a multiple author blog. Focus is on how blogs are a great corporate marketing tool.
Bloggy disclosure: I drop a post on BBC every once in awhile.

A 10 sec recap .. making money from your blog thread at BBC.

Jim Turner, One By One Mediadiscusses a post by Tom Hespos about the direct marketing model of adversing. - What companies need to focus on in their campaigns are the “engagement” of their potential customer’s attention.

In another post by Jim,  Blog Advertising: The New Black, he taps into the Divo of Blogads, Henry Copeland and discusses why ads on blogs are becoming the hot new strategy for big brands like Ford. -  The best blog advertising goes beyond trying to sell stuff to blog readers, focusing more broadly on swaying this uniquely hyperlinked and influential swarm.

Rich Brooks, flyte: web marketing for small biz, focuses on Business 2.0's article that highlights how a group of bloggers, joining together, can target a niche audience. - While this makes for a good cover story, it doesn’t help those of us who are blogging for our business, as opposed to making blogging our only business.

Dave Taylor, The Intuitive Life Business Blog, gives us his take on Why AdSense doesn't suck for Bloggers. Bottom-line Dave believes so strongly that AdSense does work that he's offered this challenge. - So here’s the gauntlet I’ll throw down: let’s pick a blog or two that are part of the AdSense program and publicly redesign it to be more AdSense friendly. I will bet a copy of my book Growing Your Business with Google to each of the blog owners that we can measurably and significantly increase their ad revenue by simply following the basic ideas presented here.

Toby Bloomberg (moi!), Diva Marketing, provides a behind the scene peek at a conversation that went on “off-blog”, on the BBC contributing bloggers’ Yahoo list about monetizing blogs. <Yes, I know I misspelled monetizing.> I asked, "What kind of revenue return can one expect from a blog that gets an average of 12k unique visitors a day and whose readers are engaged to the extent that some posts pull over 600 comments?"

Another way to monetize blogs...don't want to sell ads on your blog but you love to blog? Once upon a time, my bloggy pal Paul Chaney had a silly idea that bloggers might actually turn "pro" and earn money as blog copywriters. Blog copywriting is becoming has become a new occupation. Received an email from Darren Rowse, ProBlogger, who recently launched a Pro Blogger Job Board. What a difference a year or so makes!

Update: Interested in hiring a blogger or entering the pro blogger world?  Tris Hussey's post How Do You Recruit A Blogger For Your Business is a must read. 

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You are absolutely right he has pulled some great people together! I think you top that list.

Posted by: Jim Turner on Aug 24, 2006 3:04:48 PM

My trouble with Toby's comment is that, while visits and comments are nice, unless your marketing is ultimately making the cash register ring, it is under-performing -- and blogs frequently under-perform.

Posted by: Bob Bly on Aug 27, 2006 9:15:28 PM

I agree entirely with Bob's comment, you need to get it 100% on the money. Many bloggers find it difficult to retain on-topic posts and this diversification can hinder progress.

Posted by: Stuey on Oct 3, 2006 6:18:09 PM

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