Friday Fun: HP Finds New Home At Sun


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News Flash! Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak of Apple fame and William Hewlett and David Packard from HP have been seen hitchhiking in northern California.

Hitchikers_1_1 No Girlfriend, I haven't been sipping too many appeletinis. It's for real .. well sort of .. these icons of technology, along with Lee de Forestee, Frederick Terman, William Shockley, Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce are life size plywood sculptures that are part of an innovative art project - Pioneers Hitchhiking in the Valley of Heart's Delight - associated with The International Society of Electronic Arts ZeroOne San Jose Festival.

The guys were dropped in various locations across the US and hitchhiked, depending on the kindness of strangers, back to Silicon Valley in time for the festival. In keeping with their technology legacy each sculpture was tagged with a global positioning system/Java phone. The progress was tracked on a web site.

The HP divos got the red carpet treatment where ever they went .. until that is they landed up at their own front door at HP HQ in Palo Alto. Knock three times. Hellooo. No one at home. HP was offered the opportunity to give Bill and Dave a home .. well purchase the sculptures. HP turned it down.

Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun .. ta da! .. to the rescue. He couldn't let two heroes go homeless.

Hp_and_sun So out of respect for HP's legacy, the fine folks in Sun's marketing team decided to acquire the artwork. Bill and Dave are absolute legends, held in the deepest respect by all of us at Sun. We were honored at the opportunity. So we bought them, and their garage, for $6,000. Lock, stock and Java phone.

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Astrology_14 business astrology for fun
By Diva Astrology Bloggers Paula Dare & Donna Page

The Moon is in Cancer this weekend and with the Sun in fun loving Leo it is a recipe for luscious dining with friends and family.The universe is saying go ahead, indulge, one last big hurrah for the summer, you can always diet tomorrow and hey you look pretty good as you are!

Don’t worry about a prolonged binge, the new Moon in Virgo on Wednesday pushes us to get back to the gym, take our vitamins, and put our nose to the grindstone. Wednesday and Thursday are excellent days to create new projects that will increase revenue substantially in 2007. Just be careful not to get compulsively neurotic over the details which could inhibit the project from launching.

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