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Niche buster is what Anthony Rollo calls blogs. Anthony is the visionary behind the McGlinchy Stafford's CAFA Law Blog.Cafa_law_blog_mcglinchey_logo_1 I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony and the team of talented bloggers last week when I was invited to participate in the firm's Creative (Blog) Retreat. Hunter Twiford squashed all illusions that lawyers don't know how to party! However, everything about July in New Orleans is true .. hot and muggy.

The main goal of CAFA Law blog was to position the blog as a resource for the (at the time of launch) new Class Action Fairness Act of 2005. With that in mind, phase one of a long-term strategy, focused on content. Getting it up fast. Getting it up right. CAFA Law blog boasts write-ups of every single CAFA case about 100.

Sidebar: Techies interested in law take a look at the CAFA case against big boy Microsoft. Wonder what Robert Scoble's pals at Channel Nine would think ..

With an emphasis on content-content-content the community, interactive elements were put on the back burner. That's why I was brought in .. to help strategize phase two of the CAFA Law Blog .. joining the conversation. My thanks to Ashley Bond, the firm's marketing diva, who so gets the power of community.

A couple of questions and lessons learned. Can a blog that neglects community be successful? In marketing language it depends on the goals set.  For McGlinchey, one of the southeast's largest law firm, over 20k hits a month is a nice success indicator. Add accolades within the industry, a few new clients and a national reputation as experts in CAFA, nice Google rankings and it's not a bad day's work.

However, not taking advantage of social media:

  • limited exposure in conversations occurring in the blogosphere about CAFA
  • missed opportunities to reinforce the positioning as the Go To Blog for CAFA
  • limited bloggy networking opportunities that might lead to additional exposure e.g., speaking engagements, clients, media pick-up
  • missing one of joys of blogging .. the people interaction

Anthony has agreed to a Diva Marketing Biz Blog Profile interview. If you have any burning questions let me know and I'll include them. In the meantime, I'm excited for that the team is taking the leap into the discussion. Come on in the water's great .. and a drink from the Kool-Aid fountain can be refreshing.

A special treat for me was meeting Kevin O'Keefe of Lexblogs who was also on the agenda.

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