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Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. A waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain silly.

Warning! This is a chick post. Divos are welcome to read along but today's Friday Fun is especially for the Divas. I've been collecting some cool non business blogs that are the perfect way to spend a hot and muggy weekend. Girlfriend, settle in with something refreshing, I'm thinking a Mojito would be perfect with that bit of added mint, relax and enjoy.

When was the last time you shopped for a dress? Sun_dress Not for a party. Not for business. But just because you want to wear .. a dress. Word d-r-e-s-s sounds so retro. Recently I came across a fun blog dedicated to dresses. Who woulda thought!? At Dress A Day the Site Meter stats are open showing an average of over 3,100 visitors a day. Visitors are engaged .. check the number of comments. Guess a lot of folks like dresses. I'd like to know more about the author. Who is this Diva? No about page.

Now that you've a swell new dress it's time for hair and make-up. At Meg's Make-up Reviews Meg and her beauty junkie friends provide their unbiased opinions. Any Diva who admits to buying beauty products before food has my attention when it comes what works and what does not. Sounds like Meg might be part of the LA in-crowd but I can't tell. Who is this Diva? No about page.

Cute new dress, fab make-up and hair. You're ready for a movie night dishin' with your girlfriends. June 30th the chick book The Devil Wears Prada The_devil_wears_prada_3 turns into The Summer Chick Flick. The comedy is based on the best-selling novel written by Lauren Weisberger, who worked as an assistant at Vogue. She shows us the darker side of the glam biz complete with the boss from hell played by the wonderful Meryl Streep.  Gina Bellafante reviews The Devil Wears Prada if you're looking for a preview.

Sidebar: The official The Devil Wears Prada website is still being built. However, the folks at Fox appear to miss a huge opportunity by not including any social media. Yes, there is a clip of the film but no RSS. Yes there is an audio of one of the songs but it's not downloadable.There is a link to  Mobile and a link to something called Desperate Message. What are your thoughts? Is Mobile ring tones or something more interactive? Could Desperate Message be a blog?

This is one film that begs for peer-to-peer interaction. How about a blog that focuses on fashion and the fashion industry? What about a blog that is dedicated to the boss from hell? How about involving anina and her 360Fashion model troupe?

Funny Debutant's url is This blog is witty and whimsical. The blog title Witty Whimsy would have been cute .. oh well. It's a Blogger blog which means no real About page. Her profile page is great. You've successfully slain the dragon! How will you toast your marshmallows? On a pink skewer. Then serve on homemade graham crackers with melted Vosges dark chocolate. Great style! But who is this Diva?

Complements of Divo Paul Chaney who pointed me to Glam. Glam is the start of what I'm calling 3.0 Mash-Up Communities. Communites that combine lots of frequently updated information, interactive content with 2.0 Web social media i.e. blogs/vlogs/podcasts.

Sidebar: My 2 cents .. the heart of the benefit of a blog is the ability and opportunity to develop relationships. For me there's a disconnect when I read a blog (biz or personal blog) where an About page is not included. Okay .. I'll get off the virtual soap box.

Astrology_10 Biz Astro Tips
business astrology for fun
By Diva Astrology Bloggers Paula Dare & Donna Page

The new moon in Cancer is Sunday the 25th. This influence is asking us to develop family, caring, belonging, nurturing, and acceptance. Do your employees feel that they belong with your company? Do your customers and clients feel a genuine sense of caring from you?

Reevaluate your relationships and contracts and have all of them be win-win. If you feel you are in any win -lose scenarios let them go and focus on attracting on contracts where all involved feel empowered.

Venus has moved into Gemini, pleasant conversations among friends will yield results and contacts that can turn into business by the end of the summer (blog and blog some more). Concentrate on building relationships at the moment, the business will grow out of that.

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I really like Dress A Day. You're right too; the readers are very involved... all those comments... I'd kill for that kind of community!

Blog and blog some more; sounds like great advice. I think I will...

Posted by: Tim Jackson on Jun 24, 2006 9:43:43 PM

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