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Spent the earlier part of this week in the mountains of Nevada speaking to the AMA Reno marketers about social media. Slots_cherries_1 Girlfriend, it was the first time I ever talked about marketing blogs in a casino - Harrah's Reno to be exact. Nope there were not any slots in the room. In fact, it was the only floor in the entire complex without a slot machine. I'm thinking .. add a few slots and it might be an interesting way to pay a speaker .. % of the audience's winnings.

Kind thanks to Dave Roberts, SMC3, for showing a southern diva Reno style hospitality at a wonderful restaurant overlooking the Truckee River. High fives to Robert and Josh the rockin' guys from Twelve Horses who continued talking blogs with me on their podcast.

Update: Twelve Horses Podcast

Flying into Reno my seatmate was a guy who grew up in a small town east of Reno. As we flew over the desert he gave me a guided tour of his home state. He pointed out Area 51, we of course flew around it, Death Valley, Lake Tahoe. His enthusiasm made for a fun ride and of course, I found myself thinking .. this would be a great podcast.

Talk turned to Reno and the casinos and gambling. Although Georgia has a state lottery (which I helped launch. Great fun to give away money .. but that's another story.) there are no casinos. My seatmate laughed and said for him slots and casinos were "all over the place .. just part of the Reno scene." The locals take it in stride and pretty much for granted.

I quickly found out what he meant about just part of the Reno scene. The second I stepped into the terminal I was greeted by the flash of slot-lights. Now here's the marketing thought that flashed and rang a few bells.  I'm placing a bet that you know your products and services pretty well.  But - how well do you know your products/services from the perspective of a new customer?  A few Diva Marketing Questions to help place three cherries in a row for a big win!

  • Do you know your products and services so well that you've forgotten what a new prospect or customer might experience?
  • When was the last time you experienced your product/service - from the perspective of someone who has never heard of your offerings? Is your product manual easy to understand? Don't forget to try opening the package. Do you dare attempt that one with a new manicure?
  • When was the last time you read your marketing communications materials - from the the perspective of someone who has never experienced your offerings? Does it provide direct information or is it a buzz word spin dance?
  • When was the last time you called your customer service department or sales department for information - from the perspective of someone who has never experienced your offerings? Are people polite and caring? Do they talk in buzz words? Is the hold time reasonable .. what is reasonable anyway?
  • When was the last time you navigated your corporate website - from the perspective of someone who has never experienced your offerings? Can you find answers to basic questions easily? Is contact information readily available .. where is the link?

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One of the casino's greatest marketing tricks -- the legendary coin drop -- is being replaced by all those eztickets. I read an article that over 50% of the profits in casinos are coming from non-gaming related activities these days.

Posted by: TDavid on Jun 23, 2006 7:21:15 AM

Toby, thanks again for the speaking at the local AMA and for being on our podcast. Robert and I really enjoyed it. I did release the podcast today so please listen and give any feedback. (

Posted by: Josh on Jun 23, 2006 12:50:25 PM

Toby, your presentation was very well-received. I had a chance to review the results of the survey regarding your presentation, and not only was it the second highest ever as far as responses, but you definitely garnered high marks.

The fact that you came all the way out to Reno, NV to speak in front of our chapter says a lot for the AMA organization. It is certainly an extensive network of marketing professionals, and as you proved they can be willing to go so far as to travel 3,000 miles to impart their knowledge.

It was great to meet you and thanks again for joining us on the podcast!

Posted by: Robert Payne on Jun 23, 2006 2:50:18 PM

Even though I was just addressed as if I am your gf, ;-) .... good post.

Posted by: Igor M on Jun 23, 2006 4:32:47 PM

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