How Many Biz Owners & C-Level Execs Use Pay Phones?


Quick marketing case study for savvy Diva and Divo marketers.

Situation: You are VP of Marketing for a popular on-line and traditional publication that targets business owners and c-level executives.

Goal: To reflect the on-line brand's growth to your target audience

Challenge: You have been charged with developing an outdoor ad campaign.(Don't ask why,  your boss is Miranda Priestly) Where would you place the media?

Phone_kiosk_adINC's Solution: Outdoor ads will be placed on 20 public telephone kiosks located throughout the midtown Manhattan business district. The ads will feature copy and artwork touting the key features available on

I realize that the medium "telephone kiosks" is a tactic of in-your-face-at-eye-level messaging for pedestrians and an opportunity for multiple repeat impressions. But somehow Girlfriend, it feels like a disconnect. Target audience biz owners and c-level executives .. busy people passing by  while using their cell phones. Perhaps this post should be titled, " How Many Biz Owners & C-Level Execs Notice Ads On Telephone Kiosks?"

Now that is an interesting thought! Spin it into a YouTube video strategy. Cool idea if I do say so myself. Videos of business people on their cell phones bypassing the ads on the telephone kiosks in midtown Manhattan. A little consumer generated content. A little viral from YouTube. A little drink from the 2.0 kool-aid..make mine purple.

Heard it from: Media Buyer Planner

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