Diva Marketing Joins TypePad's Hall of Blogs


Typepad_blog_feature_0606Dahling, pop the champagne and bring out the good cavier..the kind you eat with those cute little spoons. Diva Marketing is TypePad's Spotlighted Blog. My thanks to Robin Tilotta and the folks at TypePad for their very kind words. Diva joins 16 other biz blogs in the Featured Hall of Blogs.

In Diva style, welcome TypePad visitors. Feel free to browse around a bit .. I promise Max won't bite. If you don't want bubbles tickling your nose there's always Appletinis or Gentleman Jack or how about a diet Coke? As we say in Hot'Lanta .. y'all come back now.

Sidebar: If I were a geek I'd add an RSS feed button right here. Alas! I am not..there on the nav bar.

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Hello Toby,

Well done.
I am a bit jealous ;-)


Posted by: Erno Hannink on Jun 6, 2006 4:09:31 AM

Toutes mes félicitations ;)) en tant que fidèle lectrice, je me joins à cette fête ;))

Posted by: Christelle on Jun 6, 2006 6:55:22 AM

Congrats, oh Diva! Well deserved!

Posted by: Michele Miller on Jun 6, 2006 12:38:04 PM


Again, kudo's ! Diva Marketing is one of my favorite blogs! You go girl...

Jody DeVere

Posted by: Jody DeVere on Jun 6, 2006 11:55:22 PM

Way to go!
You rock!
These Divas rock too!
Check it out at

Posted by: Sonja/ Divainaboxgirl on Jun 7, 2006 1:09:12 AM

Congratulations Toby. This honour and well deserved recognition has been long overdue. You go Diva!

Posted by: Wayne Hurlbert on Jun 7, 2006 3:33:21 AM

Thanks all for your kind thoughts and good wishes. Love how the blogosphere melts distance and age .. Diva's being read by "20 something" Diva's on MySpace. Cool!

Posted by: Toby on Jun 7, 2006 9:22:56 AM

Way to go! You so very much deserve it; let me know when you are hiring an intern...

Posted by: Tim Jackson on Jun 7, 2006 11:24:48 AM

Hi Toby,

Congrats on the Typepad kudos. I'm a big fan of your blog and would love to have you submit it to our directory of smart and stylish blogs at Delightfulblogs.com. It's part of Delight and we have rounded up close to 200 blogs that we feel our visitors will enjoy discovering. Since so many of our readers are starting a blog or an online shop I think your blog will be an invaluable resource. I know it's been for me.

Lynda Keeler ( a fellow 2005 BlogHer attendee)


Posted by: Lynda on Jun 7, 2006 2:13:49 PM

Congratulations Toby!

Posted by: Justin Hunt on Jun 7, 2006 6:31:07 PM

And as expected, Alexa reports a nice surge in Diva's traffic so far this week ;) Congrats Toby!

Posted by: Mack Collier on Jun 8, 2006 1:29:01 AM

Say did you take a picture of your Alexa stats today? For posterity?

I did, and in case you want them, I'll email it to you. You said you're not tech savvy?

They change daily, and when the daily numbers show up, you know you've hit the big time.


Posted by: Kim Klaver on Jun 8, 2006 2:41:45 AM


Posted by: marketing-blog.biz on Jun 12, 2006 5:42:10 AM

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