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A few weeks ago Katya Andresen asked if I would review her new book Robin Hood Marketing,
Robin_hood_marketing Stealing Corporate Savvy to Sell Just Causes.

My past experience included working with non profits and working for a non profit and title was intriguing .. so I said, "Send it along." A few days later the book arrived wrapped in a bright yellow jacket shot through with red lines that reminded me of the sun's rays.

Rather than write a formal review I thought I'd post my notes to self which may give you an even better insight into the book.

  • Forward begins with a divash quote, "It's about changing the world .. wearing shoes."
  • Writing style personal, warm & inviting
  • Great quote: "Can brotherhood be sold like soap?" Gerhart Wiebe early 1950s. (page 6)
  • Cause marketing is a business
  • Non profits are not just about doing good; it takes persuasion not scolding (see page 4)to entice volunteers, donors, other stakeholders to embarce the cause.
  • You must give people a reason to buy-in that fits their lives and belief structures not yours.
  • Should be required reading not just for non profit marketers but anyone with an interest or responsibility in marketing
  • It was with this quote that I knew Katya got it for all marketers not just non profits. - "Marketing is not a scientific system as much as a messy, living breathing process. With neglect it shrivels and fades. But with consistent care and attentionit grows and thrives." (page 58)
  • Katya brings a fresh understanding of marketing clocked within sensitivities and concerns of non profits
  • It will become a classic for non profit marketers
  • Page 10 - Principles
  • Well researched with lots of examples and specific stories
  • Smart integrating big brand for profit  examples to  illustrate points e.g. using Kimberly-Clark to demonstrate how niche marketing can be use. (page 93)
  • 2-way communications and building relationships - "At the end of the day the personal connection, not the grand concept, grabs our attention." (page 138)
  • Why are not more non profits building blogs.blogs.blogs???
  • Chapter 7 - Sharpening the Arrow's Point - how to tell a good story. Profits pay attention. (Page 163)
  • Reads almost like a series of short stories and the bulleted format makes for a quick, easy read.
  • Last chapter seems to end the book abruptly. Would have liked a conclusion from Katya rather than closing with an interview .. with another person's words and thoughts.

Publisher, Wiley, will provide a free evaluation copy. However, you must be an instructor at an accredited high school, vocational career center, community college, or university and be considering this title for use in your class in order to be eligible to receive an evaluation copy.

The End Story: Katya and I exchanged a few emails had a great conversation and we're in the process of building an author blog to support Robin Hood Marketing and to build the Katya Andresen brand.  Stay tuned.

Sidebar: There are no affiliate links on this post.

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I read about 'Robin Hood Marketing' on 'InBubbleWrap' a few days ago.
I discovered your marketing site today on Typepad.
It caught my eye as most of the clients and prospects for my 'New Jersey Concierges' business are women.

Have a good day.


Posted by: Serge Lescouarnec on Jun 5, 2006 6:36:59 PM

It looks like a nice book. To bad, you didn't published more about the book so I could make a post on a dutch marketing-blog.

(And to bad, I'm not an instructor at an accredited high school, vocational career center, community college, or university)

Posted by: Martijn Hulst on Jun 6, 2006 9:30:18 AM

Hi Toby:

I've ordered the Robin Hood Marketing book, and swiped the quote you reported in a post I did yesterday - "Can brotherhood be sold like soap?"

I came over after Mack's post yesterday. :)

Posted by: Kim Klaver on Jun 7, 2006 12:04:19 PM

A tip to all of you who aren't instructors and can't get the desk copy of this book: Try your local public library. They may have it in their collection. If not, they may be able to get it through Inter-Library Loan.

Posted by: Martha on Jun 8, 2006 3:00:21 PM

I am a non profit director and am in the middle of this book, and getting a lot out of it so far. I also recently started a blog, check it out (let me know if you have any opinions about how I could be using it better). Thanks!

Posted by: Carla Weir on Dec 6, 2006 10:11:38 AM

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