Earthlink's VP of Communication Starts A Personal Blog


In March, Dan Greenberg Greenfield, VP Corporate Communications at Earthlink, invited me to his midtown Atlanta office to chat about blogs. Earthlink has a blog, authored by resident blogger Dave Coustan, and Dan was familar with the good, bad and ugly of the blogosphere. But he wasn't quite ready to jump into the game himself.   

I'm excited to tell yoy that Dan has taken the dive and lauched a blog where he can "muse on my profession but (not) my job at Earthlink. As Dan puts it, "Names will be changed to protect the innocent and to ensure further employment." If you have an interest in PR and want a fresh persepctive check out Bernaise Source.

Welcome to the blogosphere Dan Greenfield!

Update: Ooops..sorry Dan corrected your name.

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Thank you for your introduction. My blog is proving to be an interest experience. Though for everyone's benefit -- my last name is Greenfield. I don't want to confuse anyone.

Posted by: Dan Greenfield on May 21, 2006 10:20:50 AM

Changing names to protect the innocent is a tricky thing. What if dozens of people read a post where Greenfield points out something negative about a person, and each reader things he's talking about them?

Next thing you know, they're deleting his number from their cell phones. :-)

Posted by: Ed Kohler on May 24, 2006 5:01:01 PM

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