Blogger Stories: New Chapters


Blogger Stories  is a new blog that I launched to tell the stories of how people have been touched by blogs. It's an opportunity for bloggers to tell their personal stories of how their lives have been influenced by social media.

Yvonne Divita, Lip-sticking, recently interviewed me about the back-story of Blogger Stories. In her usual savvy style she brings more to the picture than one might anticipate. Next to the words kindness and generosity in Wikipedia must be this sketch Yvonne_divita_1

Thanks in helping a new blog find its way into the blogosphere.

This weeks chapters includes the stories from a farther and son team, a guy who has gone from working on a shrimp boat in Alabama to cycling and blogging around the world and more!

Tim Jackson, Masiguy; Shut Up and Drink the Kool-Aid! Blogger Story
Katie Delahaye Paine, KDPaine's PR Measurement Blog; truesurvior Blogger Story
Mike and Ben Yoskovitz ,  Blogger Story
Rita Arens, Surrender, Dorothy Blogger Story
Gil C. Schmidt, Gil The Jenius Blogger Story

So, what's your blogger story? Drop me an email at bloggerstories at yahoo dot com with how blogs have touched your life and include:

1. Your name
2. Your blog title and url
3. Business or personal blog story
4. Your blogger story (please limit to 500 words or less)

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You're awfully kind...

Thank you for not only giving me yet another chance to run my mouth off (again), but for starting this project in the first place. Sure, it may seem like a "no-brainer" to some folks, but this is a great way to encapsulate some great stories that might not otherwise see the light of day.

Posted by: Tim Jackson on May 29, 2006 12:33:17 AM

Now that's a good idea to see how people and especially why people are starting a blog. You can expect my story to show up very soon..

Posted by: Internet Marketing on Mar 28, 2007 6:11:43 PM

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