Cuteness Creates Buzz For Old Navy


Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. A waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain silly.

Maxie Max_may_06 is very cute but cuteness doesn't always pay for the doggy treats. Sometimes I think little Max should be helping out with the expenses of his doggy chocolate kisses and cookies. I might have found the perfect gig where cuteness does pay. Old Navy is on a search for a new spokesdog mascot to star in ad campaigns and commercials.

All kidding aside, Gap, Inc. has created an innovtive and fun strategy that is attracting the attention of dog lovers online and off. You can nominate your pooch for the honor by submitting a photo on a special website. The site is loaded with games and pet information. Don't have a picture? Take Spot to a casting call where photgraphers will snap your pup.

Of course you want to see your dog in the cast of thousands so you click back to website. The technology falls flat at this point. It's almost impossible to find your dog's picture and the photos are not showing up. Very frustrating.

There's one more surprise and this is totally awesome.Old_navy_max Coming back into the site <after submitting your photo> you are greeted with a splash page film about your very own pooch's adventure becomeing a star. How cool is that?

Diva's just for a giggle let's spin this and show The Gap how they could have included a little Web 2.0 magic and extended the buzz even further.

  • Make it easy to download the film. I'm betting we'd see a lot on YouTube, blogs and websites.
  • RSS feeds for updates of specific breeds
  • RSS feeds for contest updates
  • Podcasts and vlogs of the casting calls
  • Ability to add your dog's photo to the send a friend an e-card
  • Blogs written by the judges: Katherine Heigl (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Alfre Woodard (“Desperate Housewives”), Malcolm David Kelley (“Lost”), Kristin Chenoweth (“RV” and “The West Wing”), Betty White (“Golden Girls”) and celebrity dog trainer Andrea Arden.
  • Blogs written by the dogs' peoples
  • Dare I say a character blog?
  • A customer video element - perhaps a contest within the contest

You have until May 29th to enter the contest. Vote_for_max



Biz Astro Tips
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By Diva Astrology Bloggers Paula Dare & Donna Page

Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce is moving into its own kingdom of Gemini today. This position is excellent for getting your message out. What do you need to communicate about your business in order to connect with your customers?

The sun enters Gemini on Sunday giving a one two punch to communication, connecting, and sales. However because Mercury is traveling with the Sun, essentially hiding in the suns shadow, it is best to keep your marketing plans under wrap until you are ready to launch.

Monday is a daydreamer’s paradise, let your creative thoughts flow, and just remember to click the save button so your brilliance doesn’t disappear into never never land.

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Oh no... I guess I have to snap some pics of the pooch now. Bonnie Sheila (Cairn Terrier) as a spokesdog? I'd settle for getting her potty-trained first, but the extra income could clean the carpet.

Mercury in Gemini? Great... my daughter is almost 5 and already a great "communicator" (read jabber-puss), so I know I'll be getting an earful this weekend. She has a talent show today though, so Daddy is leaving work early to go watch what sounds like should be an Oscar-worthy performance.

As a Pisces, every day is a daydreamer's paradise for me, so hopefully Monday will give me a little more focus to clear off my desk after the 3-day Branding/ Budgeting Meeting I just got back from.

Oh to be a Leo... this sounds like a couple of great days coming for them. A Leo with a creative and communcative streak is really something to behold. Bask in their radiance if you get the chance...

Posted by: Tim Jackson- Masiguy on May 19, 2006 4:27:02 PM


Great ideas! Other little Web 2.0 doggie magic:

* Partnered with a social networking site to set up "Doggie MySpace" pages to allow the dogs to have their own "Old Navy" friends...

* Supported "renegade" entries from other species of pets -- cats, hampsters, ferrets, turtles, you name it -- looking to topple a to-be-named "spokesdog"...

Personally, I would be *all over* a "send an e-card to a friend" that allowed the friend to vote for my dog as ON's spokesdog. Really...would *kill* them to think about me for once...? (LOL!)

Posted by: Ann Handley on May 19, 2006 7:26:26 PM

Vote Maxie for corporate spokesdog!

Give him his own blog and he will rule the blogosphere!

Posted by: Wayne Hurlbert on May 21, 2006 5:14:24 AM

Hi Tim, It is an interesting concept that a powerful Neptune will bring clarity and focus to a Pisces, and certainly if anyone can harness the power of Neptune it will be Pisces. However for the rest of us Neptune at its height of power has other intentions. Enjoy, Donna

Posted by: Donna Page on May 21, 2006 8:44:39 AM

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