TV Guide Credits Blogs With Building Online Traffic


Tvguide With the addition of our recently announced activities such as the new blogging community, we expect that unique(site visitors) will continue to increase. Also we expect referrals from Google and Yahoo Search to increase. Rich Battista, Chief Executive Officer, Gemstar-TV Guide International

It's not your mother's (or father's) TV Guide! Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc is an example of an old media company that is reinventing its brand with Web 2.0 marketing: a traditional publication (weekly magazine) that has wraped itself around a website and most recently an online community that includes blogs and podcasts. Next on the teeny tiny screen - TV Guide Mobile.

One of the major realities of today’s media landscape is that consumers are accessing content and information in many different places; the newsstand with the traditional print magazines, at home on TV, at work or at home on their PC’s, and now on their cell phones and other wireless devices. Rich Battista, Chief Executive Officer

Innovative. Yes. But dear divas and divos, from a business perspective, the exciting part is the new world 2.0 marketing strategy is producing results!

TV Guide's strategy is to create community that will extend its brand. It currently boasts one of the largest professional entertainment blog communities that includes over 62 blogs authored by writers and editors of both TV Guide magazine and Comments are open - hurray! In addition, there is an opportunity for consumers to create their own blogs housed within the community.  The consumer blogs seem like individual boards but that's okay it's a start in integration process.

SIdebar: Building innovative 2.0 community is old hat to March of Dimes. Patty Goldman, eBusiness Director shared the back-story of its Care Community with Diva Marketing as part of Diva Marketing's Biz Blog Profiles.

Sidebar: Information from Q1 2006 Earnings Conference Call Transcript. Transcript is attributed to Seeking Alpha



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