Qumana Teams With Lycos


Lycos_qumana_1 Now I know why blog buddy Tris Hussey has been out of sight for the past few weeks. In his role as Director of Stategic Parnerships with Qumana Software (Qumana develops tools and services for bloggers), he was hard at work on a secret project that broke today.

Ta da... Quamana has scored big time by developing a new desktop blog editor with Lycos. Sounds like a powerful tool. Features of the Lycos-Qumana Desktip Blog Editor include:

  • Insert keyword-specific ads in one click and customize ads to your blog
  • Edit old posts from any of your blogs
  • Offline editing to work at your own pace
  • One-click posting to one or more blogs
  • Seamless publishing and cross-publishing
  • Integration with all major blog platforms
  • Spell check and thesaurus

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